Study in the USA and Sinorbis announce partnership

The collaboration is expected to offer an easier pathway to online student recruitment in China for institutions in North America

SEATTLE, Sept. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — China digital marketing software company,Sinorbis, and US-based international student recruitment solutions provider, Study in the USA, have announced a new partnership. The aim of the collaboration is to offer an easier pathway to online student recruitment in China for universities, colleges, and schools in North America.

Study in the USA and Sinorbis announce partnership.
Study in the USA and Sinorbis announce partnership.

"In the past 18 months, international student recruitment underwent seismic changes," says Study in the USA CEO, Renait Stephens. "Much of the recruitment activity that traditionally happened offline has shifted to online as a matter of necessity and we have been working side-by-side with our clients to manage that transition. And while we still anticipate some demand for face-to-face recruitment events in the future, there’s no doubt that digital marketing and recruitment will become a constant in the post-COVID world."

While the shift from offline to online has an impact on all student markets, it poses particular challenges in China where local internet regulation makes it difficult for universities to set up and maintain a functioning digital presence.

"Combining Study in the USA’s decades of experience in driving international student demand for US institutions with Sinorbis’ deep knowledge of the Chinese digital ecosystem and Chinese students means that it will now become a lot easier for every American higher education institution to recruit effectively in this market," says Sinorbis CEO, Nicolas Chu. "Our marketing platform ensures that the digital marketing foundations are sound, efficient and reliable. Study in the USA’s expertise is invaluable when it comes to building brand awareness for universities and driving online traffic to these channels. We are thrilled to be working together to deliver measurable results for our higher education clients in China."

To mark the new collaboration, Sinorbis and Study in the USA are hosting a joined webinar on September 16 2021, offering actionable insights for building a follower base in China. For more information and to register, visit this web page.


Sinorbis is a multi-award-winning software company on a mission to bring marketing and recruiting to Chinese students within reach for universities and schools by removing common market entry barriers through technology.

We provide Western learning institutions and businesses with the world’s first integrated marketing platform to create, measure and optimise their Chinese digital presence, all the while offering:

Accelerated speed to market – launch your digital presence within weeks without having to jump the usual administrative hurdles.

Reduced cost – set up and manage digital marketing initiatives at a fraction of the investment previously required.

Increased control – get an integrated view of all digital initiatives in China

Clients in the education sector include The University of Sydney, Carleton University, Lancaster University, University of Auckland, Aarhus University, Royal Roads, University of Michigan-Flint, University of Central Missouri, University of Wyoming, Emporia State University.

About Study in the USA

StudyUSA Global has been the leader in comprehensive international student recruitment solutions for more than 40 years. Educational institutions have trusted their experience and expertise at spotting and deciphering industry trends, and leveraging the most effective print, digital, and social outreach tools to bring qualified students to their campuses.

It’s StudyUSA Global’s mission to connect schools and programs in North America with qualified students from around the world, using the latest tools and technology to create highly effective custom recruitment solutions.

StudyUSA Global websites and magazines are the leading print and digital resources for international students. Their social media and content marketing reach millions of students worldwide.


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