StarX Launches StarMaker VR, Bringing Cutting-edge Social Entertainment Experiences to Users Around The World

BEIJING, Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On October 28, the entertainment and social platform StarX announced that it had laid out the VR track and launched the StarMaker VR version in the third quarter of 2022. Four music games have been launched on Meta’s Oculus App Lab, SideQuest, and Steam VR platforms. It will bring cutting-edge social entertainment experiences to users around the world.

The continuous popularity of the metaverse and the technological progress of hardware equipment drive the rapid development of the virtual reality industry. After in-depth research on the trend, StarX actively laid out the VR content direction and launched the StarMaker VR version in the third quarter to bring users a unique entertainment and social new experience.

StarMaker VR has launched four products: Sing Star, Taiko Star, Blade Star, and Shooting Star. Sing Star brings an immersive music experience to users, allowing users to listen to music, karaoke, play Musical Instruments and even hold concerts in virtual reality. Taiko Star and Blade Star are music rhythm games, players can beat the drum according to the music rhythm, or hold a lightsaber to slash the square. Shooting Star is a music shooting game, which combines shooting gameplay with rhythm, allowing users to enjoy the dual experience brought by the game and music.

At the same time, the StarMaker VR version will introduce artificial intelligence technology in all aspects of composition, arrangement, singing, and so on to improve the user experience. So far, StarMaker VR has been launched on Meta’s Oculus App Lab, SideQuest, and Steam VR platforms, and more platforms will be launched in the future, bringing cutting-edge entertainment and social experience to music lovers.

In the third quarter, StarXMusicX Lab music laboratory launched 10 new AI songs, and the new songs have been online on major platforms at home and abroad. MusicX Lab has also cooperated with several head companies, with customers in music, automotive, games, education, fashion, entertainment, and other industries. The continuous empowerment of advanced technology and the continuous enrichment of the product matrix will inject a strong impetus into the development of StarX.



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