Smart brand Aohi Unveils A New Generation of High Power Fast Charger: Magcube 100W

SHENZHEN, China, March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aohi, a new smart brand with great competitiveness and ambition in the mobile charging and consumer electronics industry, unveiled the third blockbuster new fast charger in the magcube series-Magcube 100W fast charger, which is designed to quickly and efficiently charge laptops, tablets, and phones, especially used for Macbook Pro 16" and other MacBook series.

What’s New of Aohi Magcube 100W fast charger?

Smaller Size, Greater Power

Aohi Magcube 100W charger is 40% smaller than normal 96W chargers but can push out nearly the same amount of power. It supports up to 100W PD fast charging during single port use, allowing fast charging for MacBook Pro 16" from 0% to 45% in only 30 minutes and from 0% to 100% in about 1.8 hours.

Support high-speed charging of two devices at the same time

Offering dual USB-C ports, it automatically detects and optimizes the power supply to charge devices well with intelligent power allocation technology. And it even fast-charges 2 laptops or a laptop and a phone simultaneously. So, with just one palm-size charger, users can power their most important gadgets quickly and easily.

Compact Design & Multiple Safety Protection

The Aohi GaN+ Magcube 100W Fast Charger features an ultra-compact, lightweight design with foldable plug for maximum portability wherever users go, which is one of the biggest differences from the magcube 30W and magcube 65W. Moreover, the charger is designed with over-current, over-voltage, over-heating and short-circuit protection, etc. to keep users and their devices safe.

Equipped with the coolest accessory

The coolest accessory of Magcube 100W fast charger – the 4-foot USB-C to USB-C cable with a digital display, it could help to monitor the charging speed directly with the exclusive visible cable, users can see the charging input and output power more intuitively.

Visible safe and fast charging

Magcube 100W follows the unique technology of Magcube series, which is equipped with an indicator light, which makes it convenient to check the charging status. When it comes to the Amber breathing light, it indicates the device is under fast charging status; solid blue under standard charging status, and solid green under trickle charging status. So users will always know how long they need to wait.

With this, Aohi has complemented the Magcube lineup, offering power between a range of 30 watts and 100 watts, aiming to provide a model for any device  users may need to charge.

Price and Availability 

Aohi’s Magcube 100W charger set is now available on Aohi official website and US Amazon store. Versions for UK and EU customers will be available soon.

Which Magcube is right for users?

All three of Aohi’s Magcube chargers promise fast charging as well as the latest in gallium nitride technology, making them smaller and more powerful. Aohi think these are electronics accessories well worth trying in 2022.

Aohi Magcube 30W: The Best fast charger for iPhone or Samsung. If users want to choose a tech gadget for their phones or tablets, the magcube 30W is a good choice for them, which is up to 6 times power and 3 times faster speed than the normal 5W chargers.

Aohi Magcube 65W: The Best fast charger for laptops and tablets. If users are looking for a charger that can charge most of their smart devices, the 65W is a good choice. And thanks to the GaN tech, the magcube 65W is more than 60% smaller than traditional silicone chargers, less bulky to be carried in the pocket.

Aohi Magcube 100W: The Best fast charger for bigger laptops. If users want a charger that can both charge a high-powered computer and charge two devices at the same time. Then 100W is the best choice, and its folding prongs are especially suitable for putting in a backpack, and users won’t have to worry about their charger scratching other devices or stress about prongs becoming damaged during travel.

About Aohi

Aohi, an independent brand of listed company Aohai technology(stock code: 002993), aims to apply innovative techniques to develop charging devices, to provide complementary and value-added smart devices, services and solutions to the charging industry.

To charge, to explore, Aohi is dedicated to empowering the smart world and delivering an exceptional smart life experience.

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