SmallRig Launches Two Point-Source Video Lights and Related Accessories, Providing A Stronger, Brighter, and Smarter Lighting Solution for Photographers and Videographers

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On February 15th, SmallRig released their first RC 120 Point-Source Video Lights and RA Series Softbox, entering into the video light segment and providing an accessory ecosystem for all types of creators.

SmallRig RC 120 Point-Source Video Lights and Related Accessories
SmallRig RC 120 Point-Source Video Lights and Related Accessories

"In the last decade, SmallRig has made efforts to build complete accessory solutions for more than 2 million global content creators. In recent years, more and more users have asked SmallRig, ‘Are there any plans to produce video lights? I have been using SmallRig products a lot, I’d love to have lighting products under the same brand’," said John Jiang, CMO of SmallRig. "Faced with the high expectations from our users, SmallRig is pushing the limits, expanding the product categories to maximize the creative power. Now, after years of design and development, and significant advancements in COB technology, our first RC 120 Point-Source LED Video Lights deliver outstanding performance, suitable for all types of creations"

RC 120 Point-Source LED Video Lights

  • High Luminescence: the RC 120D (120W) center illuminance reaches 62,600 Lux at 1 meter (3.3 ft) with the hyper reflector; the RC 120B (120W) center illuminance reaches 52,800 Lux at 1 meter (3.3 ft) with the hyper reflector
  • High Color Accuracy: with CRI score of 95+ and TLCI 96+, RC 120 Series lights provide accurate color reproduction and rendering, and stable color performance
  • Intelligent Remote Light Control: the SmallGoGo App allows simultaneous control of multiple SmallRig lights up to 100m (328 ft) away for unlimited flexibility and creativity
  • Ultra-Quiet Active Cooling System: for stable performance and safe, continuous working times
  • Standard Bowens Mount: fully compatible with various light shaping accessories to achieve the desired lighting effect
  • Dual Power Supply System: support AC power for studio use or V-Mount batteries for run and gun situations

RA Series Softbox

Lighting is an essential part of any film and commercial setup. SmallRig has released three softboxes – the RA-L65 Lantern Softbox and RA-D55/RA-D85 Parabolic Softboxes – to help creators master the magic of soft lighting. SmallRig’s pioneering All-in-one design allows creators to set up the softboxes in seconds, ready for production in no time!

Price & Availability

RC 120B Bi-Color Point-Source Video Light (RRP Price: $259 US)
RC 120D Daylight Point-Source Video Light (RRP Price: $219 US)

RA-D55 Parabolic Softbox(RRP Price: $99 US)
RA-D85 Parabolic Softbox (RRP Price: $149 US)
RA-L65 Lantern Softbox (RRP Price: $99 US)

SmallRig RC 120 COB Lights and RA Series Softbox are available for order worldwide.
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About SmallRig

Founded in 2012, SmallRig designs and builds complete accessory solutions for content creations with cameras, gimbals, and mobile phones. Our accessories are widely used in live broadcasting, Vlogging, professional video production, and other fields supported by over two million creators worldwide. SmallRig pioneered the User Co-Design (UCD) mode and DreamRig program with the ultimate goal to co-design with global creators and make their big dreams achievable.


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