The Ultimate Christmas Gift (*Batteries Included)

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On Christmas Day this year, millions will receive presents requiring batteries, but only one will be lucky enough to get the gift of owning the world’s most valuable domain for selling batteries around the globe –

Christmas Photo by S&B Vonlanthen
Christmas Photo by S&B Vonlanthen will be sold to the highest bidder through a private auction process – with the winner being informed of their status as the domain’s new owner on December 25th, 2021.

The deadline for written bids to be received via Federal Express will be Tuesday, December 21st. Auction details can be found at

" is indeed a rarity," said Karine Kugler, CEO of The Three Marketers, upon learning that one of the most sought-after Internet domains will be sold before the end of this year. "With the emerging competition and explosive growth in batteries, this domain’s inherent value proposition for a buyer is clear: an Internet address as distinct and easily located as the Louvre in Paris," added Kugler, whose marketing skills attract clients worldwide.

The ability for one-word, industry-defining domains to dominate search engines and traffic to their sites has benefited "category-killer" domain owners across wide-ranging industries, from insurance ( and cars (, to hotels ( As sales of consumer electronics spiral upwards along with electric vehicles and the need to reliably capture solar and wind power for homes and businesses, the battery industry is expected to triple in size by 2027, exceeding $300 billion annually. As such, the winning bidder for stands to gain a significant competitive advantage for their brand and products, with the potential to be dominant in one of the world’s fastest growing industries. is live in a pre-launch format, gathering interests related to battery preferences from visitors. The site’s simple ad campaign *Batteries not included has charmed millions and continues to raise the domain’s profile.

The auction for is being organized by Peter D. Johnston, an international advisor to companies, governments and high net worth individuals. Peter has achieved outstanding results for both sellers and buyers of exceptional assets due to his unique knowledge, credibility and track-record. In the realm of domains specifically, he only represents the owners of elite industry-defining digital assets.

Official service providers for the auction process include San Francisco-based

For more information, go to or contact [email protected]

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