SmallRig Launches Seamless Cage for RED KOMODO

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SmallRig launches the cage for "filmmaking beast" RED KOMODO, featuring the lightest weight with unbeatable performance.

RED KOMODO provides impressive image quality and color science without sacrifacing any dynamic range. The compact and full-featured cinema camera realizes flexible shooting in a small space, and perfectly covers all scenarios from personal video shooting to film production.

Made of magnesium alloy, SmallRig cage weighs only 163 grams, which is 40% lighter than traditional alloys. Lighter material and stronger performance allow RED KOMODO users to calmly deal with more challenges.

In order to satisfy RED KOMODO users’ habits, the cage adopts a modular design. The top plate can be disassembled to access the original threaded holes of KOMODO and is fully compatible with RED original accessories. Meanwhile, SmallRig is the pioneer to create a three-sided slider design that allow quickest disassembly and assembly to meet fast-changing shooting needs.

Thanks to the comprehensive accessory ecology, SmallRig is known as the "LEGO for fillmmakers". The cage provides various threaded holes and mounts for fillmmakers to integrate monitors, LED lights, microphones and other accessories and build a complete shooting kit. Whether it is personal content creation or professional film shooting, the cage is able to support.

The cage provides double security on the bottom and both sides to prevent twisting. Besides that, the body is designed to avoid bumps and protect the "beast" in all directions.

While keeping the compact layout of RED KOMODO, SmallRig cage expands more practical functions for the "beast" under multiple shooting scenarios.

About SmallRig

Founded in 2012, SmallRig is an innovation-driven manufacturer that designs and builds premium camera rigs and accessories for all kinds of cameras. Our sales network is spreading to over 200 countries and regions while our products are well-supported by over 500k filmmakers and photographers worldwide.

SmallRig Cage for RED KOMODO
SmallRig Cage for RED KOMODO


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