Siyi Intelligence bringing its Syrebo Soft Rehabilitation Robot Glove to the WearRAcon 22 in USA

WearRAcon 22 Onsite

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On April 25-26, 2022, WearRAcon 22, the annual conference of the Wearable Robot Association, is excited to be back in person in the city of Scottsdale, AZ of USA. The two-day conference brings together more than 100 professionals and entrepreneurs from across the globe, who are in wearable robotics industry, academia, medical/rehabilitation centers and government-related fields.

As an emerging force in the R&D of wearable exoskeleton products from China, Siyi Intelligence with its SyreboTM Soft Rehabilitation Robot Glove, is honored to participate in this event, to hear about the latest innovations in wearable robotics, listen to cutting-edge presentations, see live robotics demonstrations, and network with the industry leaders.

Sponsors and Exhibitors of WearRAcon 22© 2022 Wearablerobotics
Sponsors and Exhibitors of WearRAcon 22© 2022 Wearablerobotics

As known to all, the application fields of exoskeleton robots mainly include rehabilitation, industrial and military use. The exoskeleton robot product of Siyi Intelligence chooses the rehabilitation track.

As a consumer-grade wearable robot product, SyreboTM Soft Rehabilitation Robot Gloves adopt the flexible drive technology of imitation pneumatic artificial muscles, which assist patients after stroke to finish hands passive training, bilateral training, assistance training etc. and lead a wave of new technology helping home rehabilitation in the market. Therefore, SyreboTM attracted a lot of attentions this time. Visitors flocked to the booth and made many consultations on Syrebo’s technical implementation, functional effects and rehabilitation applications.

Visitors on Syrebo Booth
Visitors on Syrebo Booth

Globalization strategy of Siyi Intelligence

As a high-tech company, since 2018?Siyi Intelligence is gradually promoting its globalization strategy. The product SyreboTM Soft Rehabilitation Robot Gloves have certified by the FDA and CE, and exported to 80+ countries and regions around the world, serving 3,000+ medical institutions and 20,000+ families. The gloves are highly praised by the therapists, professional institutions and patients because of its practicality and innovation.

Participating in the WearRAcon 22 is also an important step for SiYi’s global plan, while Siyi not only shows the brand style of national enterprises to the world, but also conducts the technical exchanges and discussed cooperation with many well-known institutions in this industry.

Adhering to the company vision of "building the world’s leading consumer-grade rehabilitation robot and allowing everyone to have innovative rehabilitation service", Siyi Intelligence deeply feels that there is a lot of work to be done. In the future, Siyi Intelligence will continue to go abroad to export China’s cutting-edge rehabilitation robot technology and simultaneously to absorb the leading technology and experience of other companies in medical and artificial intelligence to serve more clinicians and patients.

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