Singaporean Female-led NFT Project Heartbreak Bear Announces Season 2 After Selling Out Genesis Mint in 3 Hours

  • Heartbreak Bear is an emerging female-led NFT project by Singapore-based Media Production and Marketing Agency, Revelation Marketing Group
  • Season 2 is set to launch with 3-D NFTs featuring the Scavenger Hunt with a grand prize of an Adidas Original NFT

SINGAPORE, Feb. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Heartbreak Bear, a Singapore-based NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project by Revelation Marketing Group, has announced the launch of its second season after catching the attention of some Alpha Groups including the Black Pyramid and selling out its genesis mint in 3 hours.

Singaporean Female-led NFT Project Heartbreak Bear Announces Season 2 After Selling Out Genesis Mint in 3 Hours
Singaporean Female-led NFT Project Heartbreak Bear Announces Season 2 After Selling Out Genesis Mint in 3 Hours

Led by Ming Shuang Tan and Eugene Lim of Revelation Marketing Group, the project aims to provide artists with an avenue to showcase their craft and be acknowledged for their work in the digital space. Drawing parallels to the marginalised in the community, its art concept involves strong imagery with some pop culture references to represent individuals battered down in society.

In addition, the founding team hopes to inspire more Singaporeans to dive into the space of NFTs through Heartbreak Bear and its supportive community. Communicating and sharing through "an-invite only" Discord group, members are also given first-hand access to project development updates, upcoming collaborations, whitelists, Alpha information and many other exclusive benefits. The Discord group is currently locked with occasional invite links dropped on their Twitter page.

"The existing OG community was small but extremely tight knitted. Daily nights of voice chat within Discord, meet-ups in real life, learning about crypto and NFT trading were just some of the many engagements that still exist till this day," Ming Shuang recalls.

Heartbreak Bear Season 2

Following the success of its first season, Heartbreak Bear (HBB) announces its second season featuring its Gen 2 3D NFTs. Minted originally at 0.03 ETH with a limited supply of 1,888 HBBs, its floor price has steadily risen to 0.074 ETH since its inception in October 2021. The total supply for Season 2’s NFTs will be limited to 7,089 3D Heartbreak Bears.

While Genesis holders enjoy better staking benefits and stand higher chances of winning exclusive giveaways, Season 2 holders will gain priority access to more real-world utilities such as collectible figurines, customised merchandise and more.

"After observing the (Crypto/NFT) space for some time we noticed that in order for Heartbreak Bear to progress and achieve more to benefit the holders of our NFT, we needed to treat Heartbreak Bear as a brand instead of a project. This is why we are constantly innovating ideas to bring real-world utility to our holders," shared Ming Shuang.

Heartbreak Bear’s Scavenger Hunt

Jumping on to the bandwagon, Heartbreak Bear plans to introduce its own "Scavenger Hunt" in February 2022 to provide utility behind its newly launched $HBC token while engaging and providing the community with more rewards.

The Scavenger Hunt provides rewards in terms of $HBC, NFTs, ETH and more, including a grand prize of an Adidas Original NFT. Grand Prizes will change along the way once redeemed. Spreading across a total of 5 different islands for the hunt, holders have to pay a minimum amount of 5 $HBC to enter the island with the main objective of farming $HBC tokens or hunting. The entry fee varies accordingly, with the best possible rewards found on the Island with the highest entry fee. To earn HBC$ Holders can stake their Heartbreak Bear NFTs on their website to earn HBC$ daily.

"Among the 5 islands in Scavenger Hunt, there is a ‘Collab Island’ that is dedicated to collaborations from other popular NFT projects. Holders stand to win NFTs from these projects once they have entered the island. Our very first collaboration will involve another Singaporean-based NFT project, called Nice Fun Zombies (NFZ) and holders who participate in the hunt would be able to win up to 7 NFZ NFTs," the founding team reveals.

To gain access to Season 2 and its Scavenger Hunt, one may choose to mint directly from their website (Mint details TBA) or purchase at least 2 HBB Genesis Mints off the Opensea floor.

For more images, please find the press kit here.

About Heartbreak Bear

Heartbreak Bear is a Genesis collection of 1,888 Heartbreak Bears. It is a Singapore project that aims to provide a platform for NFT enthusiasts that allows everyone to learn and share their NFT journey together. After successfully building a strong and close community, Heartbreak Bear is moving on to Season 2 and is currently expanding out of Singapore.

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