Singapore Start-up Target Motorcycle Delivery Fleets Safety

SINGAPORE, Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rider Dome is a Singapore based tech start-up that has raised a pre-seed funding of $1,000,000. Founded in 2020 by the founders of ImpacTech accelerator, Yoav Elgrichi and Kineret Karin, Rider Dome is a Computer Vision AI based collision alert system providing motorcycle riders with real-time alerts against critical threats on the road to prevent accidents before they happen.

Rider Dome's Collison Alert System in action, Source: Rider Dome
Rider Dome’s Collison Alert System in action, Source: Rider Dome

Rider Dome's co-founder Yoav Elgrichi, Source: Rider Dome
Rider Dome’s co-founder Yoav Elgrichi, Source: Rider Dome

The Singaporean mobility start-up’s vision is to focus on the unique needs of the fast-growing motorcycle delivery fleets that have become a significant micro-economy in every city across the world and are considered to be among the more dangerous jobs.

The company adds that while cars have had a quantum leap in safety technology due to the usage of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automobile accidents have decreased significantly in the past few years, motorcycle safety has been neglected and left behind.

Rider Dome with its Advanced Riding Assistance (ARAS) aims to make a change in motorcycles safety by utilizing advanced algorithms combining computer vision and deep learning, to analyse real time video feeds from the front and rear cameras mounted on the motorcycle, and thereby detect safety risks and imminent danger to the rider.

The company is currently focusing on providing its safety systems to large delivery fleets and motorcycle manufacturers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

"With a global market of over 300 million motorcycles and growing safety demand from delivery fleets, our goal is to become a global leader in motorcycle advanced safety solutions. We believe that it is only a matter of time until automotive regulators start enforcing riding safety solutions for delivery/logistics fleets and Rider Dome aims to be a market shaper in the domain," CEO and co-founder Yoav Elgrichi said in a statement.

Rider Dome plans to raise round A and invite interested VCs to approach. Rider Dome plans to utilize the capital raised towards enhancing the product’s capabilities and building greater awareness surrounding their offering to global fleets, manufacturers and transportations regulators.

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