Singapore Headquartered Triforce Amplifies Its Offerings to Aid Enterprises Streamline and Strategise

SINGAPORE, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Singapore-headquartered Triforce Global Solutions (Triforce), a leading business solutions provider towards enterprise clients across the Asia Pacific with business-ready software and consultancy, is strengthening its enterprise solutions to aid companies in the financial services industry (FSI) to automate and streamline their processes. Triforce provides its clients with integrated and best-in-class structures that are adaptable to the respective business model and environment. To further enhance its position as a one-stop solution provider, Triforce has been recognised as the Gold Channel Partner of Infor, a global enterprise leader in cloud software and a strategic technology provider with expertise in end-to-end solutions powered by latest cloud and AI technology.

Triforce Global Solutions
Triforce Global Solutions

Triforce specialises in automating financial and operational processes to bring about an internal structure that enhances efficiency and increases profitability. Triforce’s solutions also ensure that the clients remain relevant and well-informed amidst the rapidly changing and challenging global business environment. For instance, the financial management system (FMS), Infor Sunsystems, seamlessly transcends borders, language, and currencies, providing enterprises with consistent and auditable real-time information to make smart business decisions.

"Being flexible in their business model while remaining accurate in their decision making has been a game-changer for enterprises navigating through the pandemic. As we look to enter the new year, companies have to ensure that their business process supports quick changes with minimal service disruptions to remain competitive and keep pace with the local and global competitors. At Triforce, we ensure that our clients have the access to the right solutions and information to meet their short and long term goals despite the rapidly evolving technologies and changing regulations," said Joan Lee, Executive Director of Triforce.

Triforce provides full implementation of its services and state-of-art technologies with on-time, on-scope and on-budget deployments. Adding value as business consultants, the Triforce team maps out solutions that are customised and focused on the respective clients onboard. Whether the client requires a fully scalable solution or individual module, the services offered are tailored to the respective company. Triforce’s foresight to introduce enterprise systems, Infor Expense Management (Infor XM) and Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (Infor d/EPM) has led to an increase in the adoption for these systems and supported businesses’ need to develop agility and optimise resource management during the recent pandemic.

The seamless integration of these systems in any enterprise allows overall time-saving and better management of individual and corporate data at once. Time and steps taken for reimbursements, claims and approvals are greatly reduced, which allows the corporations to direct more resources to revenue generating activities. With clear dashboards, consolidated financial figures and analytics available in a single platform, it supports companies to alleviate issues previously caused by uninformed decision making within the organisation, and goes to improve overall employee satisfaction and performance in the long run.

Mr. Pongsak Worasayan, Regional Director for Thailand and Vietnam, Infor Software (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said "Infor’s ability to successfully grow our business in Thailand in fiscal year 2021 is the result of our partners’ commitment – such as Triforce Global Solutions — and our combined expertise in leveraging our innovative, modern and industry-specific solutions to help companies maintain a competitive edge. Infor will continue to work closely with Triforce to help facilitate the digital transformation of companies in Thailand and build business resiliency and faster time-to-value for their IT investments."

With over 15 years of experience in more than 20 industries, Triforce continuously strives to provide consolidated, unified and easy to manage business solutions by Infor that not only address the gaps in today’s operation but also anticipate future needs and expansion. On top of that, Triforce also provides in-depth training and hosts regular knowledge sharing sessions to further educate existing and prospective clients to accustom to Triforce solutions and how it helps them meet their operational goals.

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About Triforce Global Solutions

Triforce Global Solutions provides enterprise clients across the Asia Pacific and in Japan a single source for business software, consultancy, and support for Financials, Operations and ERP solutions. We aim to deploy low-risk, best-in-class, integrated solutions unique to a business. Partnering with world-leading Financial, Business and ERP Software Solutions, Triforce provides clients with IT solutions that increase revenue and minimize cost. With more than 200 clients across the Asia Pacific, Triforce focuses on client-centric solutions and developments.

About Infor

Infor is a global enterprise leader in business cloud software and a strategic technology partner for more than 65,000 enterprises and SMB companies in more than 170 countries. Enterprise software solutions that are built for the cloud, built for your industry. From manufacturing to healthcare to retail and fashion, we cover all industries and have ERP end-to-end solutions that are brought together by artificial intelligence technology. To learn more, please visit


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