Sichuan Tianfu New Area ushering in attractive business environment for opening-up

CHENGDU, China, Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle has become a national plan and the Tianfu New Area in Sichuan province is an important development engine for the circle.

The Tianfu New Area is accelerating the creation of a park city in the new era and becoming a model for high-quality development with a better business environment.

The Plan for the Construction of a Stable, Fair and Accessible Business Environment in the Tianfu New Area was released to create a high-level international business environment benchmark and optimize regulations on market, supervision, legal protection and business. It focuses on the full lifecycle of enterprise services with 148 reform measures.

Based on its positioning as an inland open portal, the Tianfu New Area is committed to creating a benchmark for an international business environment.

It will promote the liberalization and facilitation of investment and trade, establish a market investment environment in line with international rules, and take effective measures to attract various enterprises to invest and develop here, so that all enterprises will get the opportunity to participate in the competition on equal footing.

As the first place to propose the park city concept, the Tianfu New Area is enhancing the vitality of urban development and brightening people’s lives with the characteristic business environment of a park city that’s suitable for living and doing business.

The plan says that the Tianfu New Area will adhere to the bottom line of 70.1 percent of ecological land, creating a world-leading "city in the park".

In the future, the Tianfu New Area will take the construction of a park city that implements the new development concept in its overall direction while continuing to release new scenarios and products to the world, and aim to gather the world’s brightest minds and technologies together.

The plan proposes to create a fair and just legal protection environment while establishing a legal protection system based on the rule of law.

It aims to improve the quality and efficiency of trial execution, increase the protection of intellectual property rights, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of various market entities in accordance with the law.

The creation of the Tianfu Central Legal Affairs District, a high-level modern legal gathering area, has become a highlight of the rule of law construction in the Tianfu New Area.


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