SHAREit leading content democratization in Indonesia

Piyush Bhatia, Vice President – Asia Pacific, SHAREit Group

SINGAPORE, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Indonesia is sitting at an exciting moment in history where it is overflowing with possibilities in content. The focus on local content integrated with advanced technologies is the defining moment and SHAREit has seized this opportunity with both hands to contribute towards this movement from a pole position.

Piyush Bhatia, Vice President - Asia Pacific, SHAREit Group
Piyush Bhatia, Vice President – Asia Pacific, SHAREit Group

According to a Nielsen Research, there has been a change in patterns that occurred during WFH and Ramadan last year. Indonesians watched more serial and news programs during the WFH period, while during Ramadan, not only did they watch more series, but also entertainment, religious and educational programs.

Because of the lockdown, users in Indonesia spent most of their time consuming online entertainment via apps. With a comprehensive range of high-quality digital content, comprising videos, songs and others curated content especially for Ramadan, our users tuned in more to our platforms during Ramadan and lockdown.

SHAREit has always adapted its content based on user needs which are spread across countries. Our modification of content is done based on cultural, historical, and regional references. The consistent approach has led SHAREit to capture the top spot amongst the fastest-growing media publishers for H1 and H2, 2020 in Southeast Asia and the Middle East according to AppsFlyer Performance Index. SHAREit  also featured amongst the Top 5 fastest-growing media publishers in emerging markets like Africa and Latin America.

With the current 175.4 million internet users, content distribution platforms are expected to complete the needs of the customers, starting from entertainment, gaming, and even live-streaming. SHAREit understands, values, enables and empowers local content through its tech prowess and variety of platforms catering to newer and different formats all working in tandem to reinforce an ordinary Indonesian’s voice.

These trends merely can be seen as the people’s movement of the content industry. Users are now creating content that they want to see leading to an organic democratization of the entire ecosystem. Quicker and easier viewing of bite size content takes lead, consumers are enabled to become active creators and partners – steamrolling professionally produced user generated content.


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