Several quality certifications help yoboo to maintain high quality

MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the recently concluded 12.12 sale, yoboo’s Anti-Colic Baby Bottle attracted the attention of many mothers.

According to research, the safety and security of food contact materials is closely related to human health. During breastfeeding, the packaging materials that dairy products come into contact with, where harmful chemicals migrate into the food, can not only affect the quality of the food, but can even harm the baby’s health. This is why yoboo has taken a strict approach in the selection and production of Anti-Colic Baby Bottle.Together with several internationally renowned testing institutes, yoboo takes on the responsibility of ensuring that the Anti-Colic Baby Bottle is a competent "gatekeeper" to ensure safe breastfeeding.

More stringent testing to prevent material hazards

As a trusted baby-care brand, yoboo cooperates with SGS, an internationally recognized testing, inspection and certification organization, to conduct comprehensive testing on Anti-Colic Baby Bottle. For the different characteristics of the bottle and teat, the bottles were tested for Decoloration, Overal migration, Heavy metal(as Lead), Consumption of Potassium Permanganate while the teats were tested for N-Nitrosamines, N-Nitrosatables, Volatile compounds content, Specific migration of Zinc(Zn), Overal migration, Heavy metal(as Lead), Consumption of Potassium Permanganate.

Test data for the yoboo Anti-Colic Baby Bottle
Test data for the yoboo Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

The test results fully confirm that all indicators of the materials used in the bottles and teats are in compliance with the standards. The PPSU material used in the bottle body is BPA-free, safe and healthy. The bottles are stable, not easily deformed and resistant to wear and tear. The teats are made of food-grade silicone, which is resilient and durable. The high temperature resistance allows them to withstand repeated high temperature steam sterilisation, providing a more sterile environment for the storage of breast milk.

Time verifies quality Quality builds brands

Since the establishment of yoboo in 2009, yoboo always adhere to its control quality standards to develop the same high-quality products on a global scale. International Organization for Standardization (ISO for short) develops and publishes International Standards. yoboo has successfully passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and was awarded the certificate by ARES. This means that yoboo’s product system has met the requirements of international standards, marking yoboo’s standardisation and systematic management in the production and service of baby-care products, and reflecting the high importance yoboo attaches to product quality.

Whether it is ISO certification, SGS testing, or CMA testing or CNAS testing, etc., yoboo is proof that it guard the growth of babies with Japanese ingenuity. Collecting every drop of breast milk safely and hygienically in a BPA free bottle is important for the healthy development and growth of your baby. At yoboo, advanced medical parenting concepts guides the development of each product, complementing each other inextricably. yoboo will create new wisdom based on the current situation and future expectations, unencumbered by past successes and common sense.

yoboo cherishes every drop of breast milk.
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