Semicon Light, a company possessing the original technology of silver free-flip chip LED, will actively respond to patents

YOUNGIN-SI, South Korea, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Semicon Light plans to actively respond to the patents to protect the original technology, "Silver- Free Flip Chip LED".

Logo of SEMICON LIGHT Co., Ltd
Logo of SEMICON LIGHT Co., Ltd

Semicon Light, a company specializing in manufacturing flip-chip LEDs, developed the silver-free flip-chip technology for the first time and holds original patents related to the flip-chip LEDs’ reflective layer. It is a Korean LED chip manufacturer listed on the KOSDAQ market in 2015, and has about 250 flip chip LED-related patents registered in Korea and other countries such as the United States and China.

Semicon Light’s silver-free flip chip is a new type of flip chip instead of the existing horizontal LED chip, and adopts a method of inverting the LED chip and directly fusing it onto the substrate without separate wire bonding. It is a technology that can realize ultra-high reflectance and high reliability through the oxide matirials(DBR, Distributed Bragg Reflector). In addition, it can significantly improve the performance of the elements by being easily applied to ultra-small LEDs such as Mini or Micro LEDs, which are rapidly forming the market recently.

The industry predicts that the display market based on mini LEDs will be formed in earnest from next year prior to realizing the display using micro LED, which is the final and ultimate display technology. In fact, according to a report by the market research firm, Trend Force, it is predicted that mini LED TVs will compete equally with W-OLED (White Organic Light-Emitting Diode) TVs in the premium TV market next year.

With such changes in the display markets, flip-chip LED has become an essential technology, not an option. It is expected that Semicon Light’s ‘Silver Free Flip Chip’ technology, which can make LED chips small while maintaining high performance and high reliability, will emerge as an important element technology. It is found that several large LED chip manufacturers in Taiwan and mainland China are adopting the related technologies.

In this context, Semicon Light intends to materialize the patent strategies and will make every effort to secure the competitiveness of our own technologies by actively responding to patent infringement.

According to company officials, "Semicon Light has world-class LED technologies. In particular, we plan to proactively assert our rights against indiscriminate infringement of intellectual property by establishing a dedicated organization to protect our original technologies.

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