Secoo Group unveiled its Hainan International Business Strategy for the first time at the China International Consumer Products Expo

BEIJING, May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Secoo, the O2O quality lifestyle platform Secoo (NASDAQ: SECO), participated the first China International Consumer Products Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Consumer Expo"). Focusing on the positioning as the center for Hainan international tourism and consumption, the Consumer Expo gathers the global resource of the consumer sector to create an international exhibition and trading platform for international quality consumer products. At the expo, Secoo exhibited five modules, including Hainan bonded port area for luxury products, brand collaboration, smart manufacturing, fashion education, and cultural tourism. The exhibition was highly received by the visitors.

China International Consumer Expo
China International Consumer Expo

As the O2O lifestyle platform of quality lifestyle and China’s only NASDAQ-listed e-commerce platform of luxury products, Secoo has more than 36.5 million high-end registered users. The platform covers categories including apparel, shoes, bags, watches, jewelry, accessories, etc., and brands include Prada, Miu Miu, Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo and other 3000 plus high-end brands. Its business ranges from O2O luxury products, fashion events and shows, luxury authentication and maintenance, fashion styling, to food and wine, object d’art from China, to name but a few. Secoo is committed to presenting quality products and high-end lifestyles to every Secoo user in a three-dimensional manner.

In 2020, the Secoo high-end commodity manufacturing industrial park took the lead and has been successfully established in the Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Hainan Province. Watches, bags, footwear, apparel, jewelry, and other products have been delivered to Secoo customers through its Yangpu bonded port area. The bonded warehouse + cross-border e-commerce model allows quality products to be delivered to consumers in the timely manner with the guarantee of efficient transportation and specialized warehouse in the bonded port area. This improves the logistics efficiency of overseas orders of the Secoo platform and guaranteed timely delivery.

At the consumer expo, Secoo exhibited the 5 modules as follows:

  1. Hainan bonded port area for luxury goods: Secoo Yangpu Bonded Port Area, as the center for Secoo’s international business in Hainan, was open for letting for the first time at this event.
  2. Brand collaboration: Secoo exhibited at the expo in collaboration with A-list international luxury brands such as Bedat&Co, Allegri, and Selmark. During the expo, Secoo live streamed the exhibited products, offering a convenient live-stream e-commerce experience of customers.
  3. Smart manufacturing:
         1) Meiyi Lab, a joint development by Secoo trytry, Peking University Medical Department and the laboratory under Tsinghua University, also made its debut at the event. The lab exhibition featured AI skin testing and skin care product recommendation algorithms.
         2) As part of its endeavor of smart authentication technology development and digital transformation, Secoo grows from big data to smart manufacturing, and released the strategic plan of comprehensive transformation of human to smart authentication of luxury products for the first time. Secoo also debuted its plan of the new AI authentication device.
  4. Fashion education: Secoo has joined hands with well-known universities and design colleges at home and abroad, aiming to build an art institution specifically for the high-end fashion industry, which will empower the cultural and economic development in Hainan.
  5. Tourism culture: 247 ready-to-drink cocktails, Secoo’s cocktail brand, offered its "shake and drink" cocktails at the expo, creating the tourism and cultural experience that is special to Hainan and introducing it to the high-end consumers. It only takes 8 seconds for guests to have a taste of the Expo Special. In addition, 247 booth offered another 4 to 6 classic championship ready-to-drink cocktails.

With the platform advantages offered by the Consumer Expo, Secoo gathered connected powers of the global fashion industry, continuously improved its product matrix and international logistics system, and brought the beauty of the world to its users. In the meanwhile, by utilizing its own platform advantages, Secoo will contribute greatly to the supply-side structural reform of Hainan’s modern service industry.

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