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Microsoft Surface

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Ok so I was wrong, if you have been following my blog i gave several reasons on what might be the Big Microsoft Announcement. Well as i always say i am not really the type to predict, i can only wish. So what was the BIG announcement from Microsoft?

Microsoft’s BIG Announcement

Microsoft Surface

To sum up Microsoft’s BIG Announcement we can have this statement “Hey Apple i am now Joining the Tablet Fray”. This is because Microsoft has released their own version of a Tablet PC. Dubbed as “Surface” it is deemed as the embodiment of hardware and software working together. Unveiled by Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer the Surface is a Tablet PC that has a size of about 10.6 inches.

Microsoft Surface Specs

microsoft surface

According to Microsoft, the Surface has a 9.3 inch screen with two full sized USB Port. It also has a stand however it only weighs about 1.5 pounds. Pretty light considering that it has features that might seemingly appear to be massive, well the surface appears to be huge but looks could be deceiving. The casing is actually made from what Microsoft would like to call VaporMg or Magnesium, its glass screen is a Gorilla Glass 2 which was developed exclusively for the Microsoft Surface. I love the idea for the keyboard for the Surface one thing that the other tablets may be missing but then again it wouldn’t be a tablet if it has a full length keyboard.

Microsoft sees the Surface as the actual stage for Windows 8 thus it would run on the said OS. The Surface is going to follow Apple’s format where they would sell tablets of different storage capacity on different price range. The Surface will be available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB of storage.

microsoft surface keyboard

Can Microsoft Surface over Apple? Android?

In order for Microsoft Surface to be a worthy competition for Apple and Android it has to acquire the same hordes of third party developers. This is where the success of Apple and Android lies, developers who sell, share or provide their apps through Apple’s app store and Google Play. Microsoft must find the same number and quality of third party developers who would be very willing to sell or share their apps through the “Surface”.

Microsoft Surface Back

Watch the Microsoft Surface Video

Conclusion on Microsoft Surface

Was the announcement really BIG? In my personal opinion it fell short of being a BIG announcement, yes Microsoft may have announced their first Hardware and Software integration however they have entered a fray where two giants are currently colliding. Reminds me of the time when Microsoft entered the search engine game in an arena dominated by Google. The question is, can Microsoft overcome the two giants of the Tablet and tablet software arena where two names have already established their dominance? That of course remains to be seen, i feel another prediction coming up.

side view microsoft surface



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