Get an iPhone 4 or 3GS for One Peso

Piso Sale SMART

SMART the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines have yet again made it possible for Filipinos to own their dream smartphone for a very affordable price. The Price is the same as a piece of candy!

What? One Peso for an iPhone 4?

Yes, you can own an iPhone 4 for one peso, that is if you apply or renew your contract with SMART as a postpaid subscriber during their promo period, from June 18 to 25, 2012. Dubbed as the Piso Sale, SMART aims to bring the technology to the Filipino people by making it more affordable to acquire. Not only that, the subscription rate is lower than when the gadget or smartphone is acquired through its regular postpaid subscription plan.

SMART Added to its Piso Sale List

The following are the new addition to the Piso Sale List of SMART

1. iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500  and Nokia E7 – these smartphones are available when you subscribe to SMART’s  1800 All-In-Plan. Which means you can purchase the phone for one peso but have to pay the subscription rate of 1,800 pesos monthly.

2. iPhone 3GS and Nokia E5 – either smartphone can be purchased for one peso if you subscribe to SMART’s 1,200 All-in-Plan.

3. Netbook PC or Nokia N9 (16/64GB) – on a budget? Acquire any of the two gadgets if you subscribe to SMART’s 800 All-in-Plan

4. Windows HTC Mozart, Samsung Wave II S8530 and Nokia E72 QWERTY – choose from this list of gadgets if you subscribe to SMART’s 500 All-in-Plan.

5. Netphone 501 and Nokia C2-03 – this is made available for subscribers of the SMART unli call and Text Plan 599.

According to SMART Marketing Head Katy Carag “We’ve made owning the best devices on the best network easier than ever before, And to top it off, we also have the only network that will let you and your gadget Live More than how you thought was possible” 

Talk About Affordable

Browsing through the postpaid plan website of SMART, i noticed that the Smartphones and Gadgets available during the promo period has a lower subscription rate, just take for example the Windows HTC Mozart which is available in Piso Sale when you subscribe to All-in-Plan 500 while if you acquire it for free in its regular subscription rate you have to subscribe to the All-in-Plan 2500. Indeed these gadgets are made cheaper for the Filipino masses to be able to acquire the gadget they have been longing for. On top of that their Gadget is powered by the most reliable network SMART, a network that allows you to LIVE MORE.

For more information on the Piso Sale and other Smart Postpaid offerings, visit

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The Piso Sale is only available in Participating SMART Stores for a complete list of the participating stores and the available devices please visit this website

The devices are dependent on the SMART Store so you have to be prepared if your choice of gadget is not available in that store. It would be good if you be open to different choices, besides the gadget is just secondary what you are really getting is the reliable network service from SMART.



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