BIG Microsoft Announcement

Several media outfits, including those belonging to the Blogosphere got an exclusive invite from Microsoft. The invitation did not disclose any detail about the event except that it is expressly stated that the microsoft announcement is going to be BIG. The Online Universe have since been talking about this “event” and speculating about the possible announcement that Microsoft is going to do.

Possible Microsoft Announcements

There were several news where Microsoft is involved and the buzz about the event on June 18, 2012 is circling on the following.

1. Acquisition of Nokia – The once mobile phone giant have been having troubles lately and have said that they will be laying off thousands of employees. This is because of the fact that Nokia has had trouble competing with the iPhone and the Android powered Smartphones, in it’s last ditch effort Nokia Partnered with Microsoft to create the windows Phone Lumia series, but sadly Nokia came into the Smartphone fray a little too late.

2. Acquisition of Yammer – Another news where Microsoft was involved was its announcement on its interest to acquire the social media network Yammer. What we know is that Microsoft tried to buy Yammer for $1Billion did the negotiation pan out? That we have to see.

3. The Nex XBOX – it is a known fact that Microsoft have also been banking on its new cash cow the XBOX 360, is Microsoft set to announce a new Microsoft XBOX? Or will they announce that with XBOX, Bing was able to surpass Google in the Search Engine War?

4. Bill Gates Back as CEO – with the current status of Microsoft are they calling back their ultimate leader? the man who started it all? again still a speculation…

Conclusion on Microsoft Announcement

Even Microsoft employees are kept in the dark with regards to this supposed “Big” announcement by Microsoft. Whatever it is it has got to be really Big to deserve the hype it has created. Otherwise the media might just walk out of the event center with a BIG Yawn on their faces.

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