Basic Photo Adjustments Using Lightroom

Lightroom 3 tips

In the world of digital photography, the need for a good image editing software is essential. Gone are the days when we depend solely on the camera, although some still do. Many Digital Photographers may sometimes find their photos even with the right setting would not fit into the output that they or their client desire it to be. Instead of wasting your effort in taking those shots as well as in deleting them in your hard drive, try to utilize an image editing software to transform your bland photos into a stunning one.

Travel Photography

I always want to travel and what i noticed, whenever i do travel photography or when i take pictures during my travel,  is that you have to be at the right place at the right time otherwise you will miss the moment. Most of the time i take shots on the fly or whenever i see that moment and what i learned from capturing the moment is that such will pass in a matter of seconds. Sometimes i feel disappointed with the shots i get whenever i try to capture those moments this is why it is very important that you have to utilize a Photo or Image Editing software to edit, clean or adjust your photos to make it worthy to be shared to the world.

The Software I Use

For me i have invested in Adobe’s Lightroom. This software is a very versatile software as it is not only capable of editing photos it is also capable of doing simple video edits. Throughout this series i will be sharing what Adobe has been sharing to their lightroom users and these are tips on how to utilize lightroom efficiently. Below is a video that will teach you on how to fix exposure problems of a photo using lightroom especially if the photo is under exposed. You will also learn that the easiest adjustments for your photos is by using the different presets available.

Here is the Video from Adobe

The best part is that lightroom caters not only to photos taken with a DSLR but also to photos taken using a simple digital camera, so who says you need to bring expensive equipment when travelling just to have stunning photos?

My Lightroom Edited Photo Adjusting only the Color Temperature

Lightroom 3 tips


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