Save Christmas This Year by Giving More With coocaa

JAKARTA, Indonesia and MANILA, Philippines and HANOI, Vietnam, Dec. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — coocaa, now a household name in and around Southeast Asia, has won the hearts of many; winning awards on both e-commerce site Lazada and the Philippines as one of the Top 5 selling products during the Double 12 shopping festival, consumers want to put them on their wish-list.

Save Christmas This Year by Giving more with coocaa
Save Christmas This Year by Giving more with coocaa

This Christmas, enjoy coocaa’s highly-recognized name from the comfort of home and experience closer living like no other. From Asia to the world, coocaa provides only the best high-performance TV sets including the first ever SG6 Pro smart-TV set powered by Android 10. The SG6 Pro boasts a 2+32GB storage so users can download thousands of apps, while maintaining that quality performance proven to be 38.3% higher than ordinary TV sets.

With coocaa sales booming across India, Russia, and Germany, the brand now further expands its reach across South Korea along with Japan – and that’s just the beginning. Compared to many other brands, coocaa provides a great number of quality industry-leading products for users and their family members this festive season.

With 2020 finally coming to an end, this year’s Christmas concludes a time in which people need to cherish every moment like never before.

Of course, Santa must have been overwhelmed all year with preparations for the upcoming Holiday Season. From custom toys built to perfection by his troop of elves up in the north pole, to ordering smart-TV sets from coocaa. Despite everything going on, coocaa has made sure that even Santa gets his orders on time.

But newly Imposed international-flight restrictions (sleighs included) and stay-at-home regulations for the elderly across the world have affect even Santa’s crew as well. And who better to protect from the pandemic than the oldest man on Earth: Santa Clause himself.

"Santa Clause will not be coming to town."

However, Christmas is a season for giving. So, instead of receiving this year, give a little.

Share a moment, share a call, share a gift. Let’s get Santa – and all the beloved family members and friends – that amazing coocaa SG6 Pro smart-TV set they mentioned that other time, as we bring each and every one of us together like never before.

So, coocaa would like to remind everyone that Christmas is not just a day – but an act of random kindness.

Share love. Share your Christmas with coocaa.


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