coocaa: Global Television Festival hits the Philippines April 8th

MANILA, Philippines, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On April 8th 2022, coocaa is going to celebrate the special coocaa "Global Television Festival" in the Philippines market. People there get ready for the new-generation Smart TV brand to bring another awesome promotion to celebrate the occasion. For one day only, consumers in the Philippines can trade their current TVs in to get hands on the best of coocaa’s new Smart TVs on offer in offline coocaa TV stores. (terms & conditions apply)

coocaa Global Television Festival
coocaa Global Television Festival

With all the exciting announcements and giveaways, coocaa has also remained conscious of eyecare for all its consumers from around the world through its latest "Eye Care TV" series since the beginning of 2022. coocaa is also responsible for the "Eye Love You" campaign, which raises people’s awareness about eye health and eye protection while watching TV.

Studies have shown that most standard TVs expose consumers ranging from teenagers, middle-aged and elderly consumers to many harmful stroboscopic and blue light rays, which cause irreversible effects on the eyes. Now, with the latest coocaa "Eye Care TV" line, consumers can experience a healthier and more comfortable viewing experience like no other. 

From anti-flicker, anti-blue light, all the way to DC Dimming Technology to eliminate stroboscopic LCD screens, not only can consumers return to the truest-colour and picture quality with the new coocaa "Eye Care TVs", but now can also enjoy the most comfortable viewing experience with special eyecare.

Head to the nearest coocaa retailer this April 8th for TV trade-in, and get your hands on the latest & greatest coocaa Smart TV set on offer while stocks last.

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coocaa is a leading provider of smart TV’s, system R&D and content operating systems, striving to help its customers around the world "Explore, Discover, Create". Founded in 2006, coocaa has established operations across Europe, India and Southeast Asia. With a mission to promote intelligent lifestyles through its innovative technology, coocaa is committed to developing smart and trendy products that feature sleek and fun designs to meet the needs of the younger generation.

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