Samsung Display to Demonstrate a Broad Global Vision of Technology Innovation at Display Week 2022

Revolutionary displays will be highlighted including two-way mobile slidables, new foldable displays for gaming, and the most advanced quantum dot display technology for the large display market.

SEOUL, South Korea, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Samsung Display today announced that it will play a prominent role at Display Week 2022, May 10-12 (Pacific Time) in San Jose, California. As the world’s largest producer of digital communication displays, the company said it will spotlight a wide range of its most advanced next-generation technologies in Booth #715 under the theme: "Meet the Amazing Techverse in Samsung Display."

Samsung Display demonstrates innovative technologies at Display Week 2022
Samsung Display demonstrates innovative technologies at Display Week 2022

"Since Display Week 2022 returns to live exhibitions after a hiatus of three years, office managers, workstation professionals, and consumers are showing greater interest in this industry-leading event," according to Samsung Display. "Through the unveiling and demonstration of our most promising market solutions, audiences worldwide will be able to appreciate our vision of a rapidly-expanding, technology-enhancing and color-perfecting display business," the company added.

Marking its return to in-person exhibitions after years of pandemic caution, Samsung Display will reveal a far-reaching vision for the future of the display industry*. The company will highlight self-luminous technologies, which are likely to trigger a rapid expansion of markets, particularly its two-way slidable displays; a digital automotive cockpit featuring an OLED for multi-display solutions; foldable displays for portable gaming devices; and the QD-Display, which has riveted the market with unparalleled picture quality.

From foldable to slidable, Samsung OLED is redefining mobile display innovation

The Flex OLED zone, in Samsung Display’s booth, is expected to be one of the most popular on the show floor with multiple concept prototypes including the Flex G, which folds inwards twice, and the Flex S, that folds both inward and outward. The company’s 6.7-inch slidable product will also debut here at Display Week. This display expands upward, unlike existing mobile sliding displays that stretch horizontally. This capability is advantageous for document work, as well as social media postings.

Samsung Display will also premier its 12.4-inch slidable display this year, with a panel that expands the screen horizontally ? from both ends. This enhances portability by reducing the length of the screen to 8.1 inches, and providing a more immersive visual experience for multi-tasking or watching video clips by extending to its full 12.4 inches.

Jump-starting new markets: A foldable display for gamers, and an automotive digital cockpit

Samsung Display will showcase a new market category with its Gaming Foldable OLED display which allows controllers to be attached at both ends, but can also be folded in half. Gamers will have access to a larger gaming screen in their living rooms, while maximizing portability when not in use. Holding the device vertically allows a multi-display setup that keeps the screen on top and the controller at the bottom, providing a richer gaming experience.

Samsung Display will also unveil a "Digital Cockpit," a multi-display solution aimed at the automotive market that combines the instrument cluster display and the central information display. The Digital Cockpit, which will be displayed in the booth’s OLED Auto-zone, is designed to provide accurate easy-to-access driving information without any image sticking. Available in 7-, 12.3- and 15.7-inch sizes, the glass-based OLED cockpit can be designed with multiple screens. In addition, it can be enhanced with a number of aesthetic touches including sophisticated curves, true black color and a slim bezel design.

For the laptop market, Samsung Display will introduce a world-first OLED display that features a 240 Hz refresh rate, which has been highly desired by gamers.

Samsung’s QD-Display attracting a huge audience, with picture quality at its finest

QD-Display, which Samsung Display began mass-producing in November (2021) will also be spotlighted at Display Week.

QD-Display is the world’s first self-illuminating display that has built-in quantum dots with no backlight needed. In its Display Week exhibition, Samsung Display is demonstrating three offerings of the highly regarded display?panels for 55- and 65- inch TVs as well as one for a 34-inch monitor.

Capitalizing on the color-enriching characteristics of quantum dots, QD-Display supports the widest color gamut, outperforming any other displays on the market, and shows colors as they appear in nature. Quantum dots’ optical properties and their ability to disperse light widely allow users to appreciate content with vibrant picture quality, at any angle.

Also of great interest, Samsung Display will compare the picture clarity between its QD-Display and another 65-inch TV panel, as well as demonstrate the exceptionally fast response time of the QD-Display to a same-size 34-inch monitor that uses high-performance liquid crystal display (LCD) technology.

QD-Display in technology Outlook Business Conference session

Additionally, Samsung Display discussed QD-Display at the "TV Market and Technology Outlook " session of the 2022 SID/DSCC Business Conference on May 9th, at 10am.

* Editor’s Note: Display Week, hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID), is the world’s largest display-specialized exhibition. It is returning to greeting audiences in person after three years of online exhibitions brought on by the outbreak of COVID-19.

About Samsung Display

Samsung Display Co., Ltd. is a global leader in the display panel market, with OLED and LCD technologies and products. Samsung Display has seven production facilities and five branch sales offices worldwide. The company specializes in high-quality displays for consumer, mobile, IT and industrial usage, including those featuring OLED (organic light-emitting diode) and LCD technologies. As a total solution provider, Samsung Display strives to advance the future with next-generation technologies featuring ultra-thin, energy-efficient, flexible, and transparent displays. For more information, please visit or


In the Flex OLED zone, various concept prototypes featuring flexible OLED are introduced
In the Flex OLED zone, various concept prototypes featuring flexible OLED are introduced

QD-Display is spotlighted for its unparalleled image quality
QD-Display is spotlighted for its unparalleled image quality


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