Salam Groovy Japan Crowdfunds to Aid Muslims in Need in Japan

Japanese media launched food aid crowdfunding on LaunchGood for Muslims in Japan suffering in the pandemic.

OSAKA, Japan, Oct. 06, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Salam Groovy Japan, a media outlet of information on Japan’s engagement in the Islamic market, launched a crowdfunding campaign via LaunchGood to support financially struggling Muslims in Japan, especially international students—Help Support Struggling Students & Other Muslims in Japan. The Japanese media aims to raise $10 thousand to donate food and daily necessities in cooperation with universities and organizations in Japan.

Help Support Struggling Students & Other Muslims in Japan, Now crowdfunding on LaunchGood
Help Support Struggling Students & Other Muslims in Japan, Now crowdfunding on LaunchGood

In Japan, students dropping out of universities unable to afford tuition fees or people unable to afford daily necessities, such as food and feminine hygiene products are increasing as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. Muslims, especially international students residing in Japan, who live on part-time jobs to make ends meet have had those options reduced to none.

The media talked with a few Muslim international students at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) regarding their current living situation. "When we finally found a part-time job, our workdays got cut by nearly half. There are times we had to survive on the money sent by our family back home or social security.", said the students.

Most Muslim international students come from Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia and Indonesia, with recurring new waves of infections and in an unstable economy. These further resulted in difficulty to receive their family’s financial aids.

To support Muslims in need in Japan, Salam Groovy Japan initiated a crowdfunding project on LaunchGood, a platform focused on the global Muslim community. The raised funds will provide halal food by Japanese companies and daily necessities, including feminine hygiene products, which will distribute in cooperation with several universities and organizations in Japan.

About Salam Groovy Japan

Salam Groovy Japan is a media platform run by J-Line Corporation, a Japanese company founded in 1993. The media strives to bridge Japanese business with the global Islamic market from a business perspective. It provides information about Japanese firms engaged in business development for the Islamic market, such as halal products and Muslim-friendly information in Japan.

For more information, please refer to the official website.

The media contents can also be found on Instagram @salamgroovyjapan, Facebook @SalamGroovyJapan and Twitter @Salam_GJ.

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