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Free Shipping On Orders Over $50

TOKYO, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ruten Japan is an online-shopping platform, with over 60 million Japanese products. As of today (9/23) the global website of Ruten Japan has officially launched. Ruten Japan has Japanese products that can be shipped to 13 countries and regions, those of which include Singapore, Hong Kong, England, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Korea, etc. In celebration of Ruten global launch, all orders over USD$ 50 are eligible for free international shipping. Ruten customers will have access to up to 60 million Japanese products sent directly to their door.

Ruten Japan has over 60 million Japanese products that can be shipped to 13 countries.
Ruten Japan has over 60 million Japanese products that can be shipped to 13 countries.

As an Asian start-up business, headquartered in Japan, Ruten Japan has expanded towards the coveted online shopping. The operation mode of Ruten Japan is adapting local merchandise’ products and using direct selling methods to deliver its high quality items from Japan to across the globe. Ruten Japan’s CEO Yun Su has seen the global demand of Japanese products. Traveling abroad and shopping have become increasingly difficult due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Once the official website is launched, Ruten Japan will expand its services to 13 countries in Asia, North America, and Europe with averagely 7-working shipping days in Asian countries.  

Ruten Japan includes categories such as: Japanese snacks, supplements, kitchen appliances, beauty products, and clothing. Currently, Ruten Japan provides air and sea delivery services. Free international shipping will be offered for all orders over 50 USD. In the future, Ruten will continue to expand, bringing more products to more countries. With the opportunity of free international shipping, Ruten Japan’s online shopping services will be available to more consumers.

Since the launch of the global website, Ruten established selected products specialized for combating Covid-19 including the provision of facial masks, automatic liquid soap dispensers, infrared thermometers, anti-splatter protective face shields, etc. Dedicated its efforts to global pandemic prevention, Ruten Japan will utilize its upside place in e-commerce to assist global shoppers to purchase anti-pandemic products online more efficiently and conveniently.

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