Ruten Japan Christmas Shopping 2020 Top Picks Starts today

TOKYO, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ruten Japan launched the 2020 Christmas Special Shopping Event today (12/01), featuring a wide variety of Japanese limited brand products. From Christmas decorations to various gift boxes, Ruten recommends 60 million Japanese items to their worldwide members from designated 13 countries and regions. Ruten customers still get to enjoy the free international shipping fee if purchasing over US$50 dollars.

Save on 60 Million Free Shipping Christmas 2020 Items on Ruten Japan
Save on 60 Million Free Shipping Christmas 2020 Items on Ruten Japan

Ruten Japan’s CEO, Yun Su indicates that since the launch of Ruten Global, it has attracted few attention from many consumers. From the last Single’s Day Event, Ruten Global successfully caught the eye of Ruten’s first-time shopper, especially those from Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand. Catering to the end-of-the-year Christmas shopping season, Ruten Japan promotes several products from different Japanese brands in order to target different levels of customers. Ruten Global not only is dedicated to providing the best fitted Christmas presents, but also is continuing to promote its free international shopping service for its customers. Ruten’s mission is to provide a more convenient online shopping environment with cheaper and higher quality Japanese products. 

The "2020 Christmas Special Shopping Event" is designed based on customers’ needs, featuring the promotion for their gift-exchange recipients. The promotion includes Japanese brands, Japanese in-land best sellers, and Christmas limited items in Japan. The featuring 8 categories of the promoting items are: Christmas time limited assorted sweets gift boxes, children’s toys, Japanese animation and video game products, teenager sports brands manufactured in Japan, Christmas time limited cosmetics and skin care products, and Christmas decorations and Christmas ambience lights. Ruten Global is introducing Japanese best selling items to global customers at this event.

For assorted sweets boxes, Tokyo Fugetsudo and Yoku moku items are highly recommended brands for this Christmas special event. Japanese brands such as ASICS and MIZUNO are great sports goods gifts for teenagers. As for female customers, Japanese cosmetics and supplements are also available. And of course, don’t miss out on the latest Japanese animation and video game related products! These Christmas items can be bought easily and conveniently at once on Ruten Japan.

The 2020 Christmas Gift Exchange Shopping Guide:

Ruten Japan:

Note: Ruten Japan’s designated 13 delivery countries and regions are: Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Canada, New Zealand, England, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Korea 


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