Ruten Japan 2020 year end promotion with best buy items & Omiyage

TOKYO, Jan. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ruten Japan features the best-selling items from its website last year and the latest 2021 products in Japan for the "2020 Year End Best Buy" promotion to reward all customers’ hard efforts throughout 2020. The "2020 Year End Best Buy" campaign mainly promotes eight categories of items such as cosmetics, name-brand products, video games, snacks to global customers on Ruten website. In the meanwhile, Ruten Japan offers free international shipping service when purchasing over US$50. During this difficult time with pandemic, Ruten Japan has everyone’s back.

Ruten Japan 2020 year end best buy promotion recommend hot deals & Omiyage
Ruten Japan 2020 year end best buy promotion recommend hot deals & Omiyage

The demand for online shopping is on the rise. Ruten Japan’s CEO, Yun Su pointed out that due to the 2020 pandemic, global customers have more demands on internet shopping. In the meanwhile, it also elevated the waves of cross-national online shopping. By offering free international shipping service when purchasing over US$50, Ruten Japan has given its customer the best free shipping deal. Hence, Ruten Japan has the advantage of having over 60 million Japanese products. This advantage can satisfy global shoppers’ thirst for various Japanese items. Ruten Japan is dedicated to providing more diverse and higher quality Japanese products to customers around the globe.

In addition to the eight recommended categories, Ruten Japan also launched a large collection of well-known Japanese Omiyage brands. Based on the budgets of its global customers, Ruten Japan recommended limited Omiyage items within three different price ranges. Those items included crackers from Akai Bohshi, Gaufres from Tokyo Fugetsudo, affordable gift packages from Kitakaro, LeTAO, high-end packages from Ginza Sembikiya, Cigare rolls from Yoku Moku, coffee, tea and other assorted items available for customers. For customers who want to deliver gift packages for friends or for themselves straight from Japan, Ruten Japan is the most direct and convenient choice.

"2020 year end Best Buy"

"Japan’s Most Popular Omiyage"

Ruten Japan

Note: Ruten Japan’s designated 13 delivery countries and regions are: Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Canada, New Zealand, England, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Korea 

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