Riiid Demonstrates New Advanced AIEd Solutions at ASU+GSV 2022 Summit

SAN RAMON, Calif., March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Riiid, a leading AI Education solutions company, today announced participation this year at the ASU+GSV Summit to present its most advanced new AIEd solutions and lead discussions with industry leaders at one of the world’s largest EdTech conferences. ASU+GSV Summit is held annually with over 15,000 visitors from worldwide to offer innovation and insight to industry leaders. This year’s summit takes place in Grand Manchester Hyatt San Diego on-site and also virtually, from April 4-6.

As the award-winner for GSV EdTech 150 for two consecutive years, Riiid is taking part in the summit to showcase not only its latest AIEd solutions, but also to share its insights on AI in the education industry. The company will present four sessions at the ‘leading edge tech’ track on the main stage at the summit. The session panel topics include ethics and policy around AI in Education with expert speakers from the US Department of Education, Microsoft Research, Duolingo, and more.

Riiid's booth at ASU+GSV 2021
Riiid’s booth at ASU+GSV 2021

Riiid will also host in-depth sessions at its private room covering diverse topics, including the latest progress in AIEd technology and global trends, with industry leaders from Carnegie Learning, US Dept of Education Office of Education Technology, UNESCO and more. Some of the sessions will focus on ‘EdSAFE AI Alliance’, a global alliance led by DXtera Institute and Riiid to establish a healthy ecosystem in the AIEd industry, which was announced at last year’s summit. With more than 150 organizations from 15 countries participating as members, UNESCO recently signed on as mission sponsor.

"We want to deliver the best AIEd solution to the global market, so it is also crucial for us to understand the industry and lead in the right way so everyone can experience true learning," said YJ Jang, CEO of Riiid. "ASU+GSV Summit is where global leaders of education all around the world gather to share insights and seek the direction for the future of education, and we are glad to be a part of it once again this year."

Riiid highlights at ASU+GSV Summit

Riiid joins four panels discussions on the main stage, including:

  • Session Title: Mind the Ethical Edge: Delivering Equal and Unbiased AI
    – Date & Place: 2:10 pm, April 4, Harbor G
  • Session Title: Edge and Order: Regulating the World of AI in Education
    – Date & Place: 3:00 pm, April 4, Harbor G
  • Session Title: Teacher Voices on AI and the Risk of Bias: What Teachers Want and What They Worry About 
    – Date & Place: 10:10 am, April 5, Harbor G
  • Session Title: Radical Transformation of the K-12 Learning Environment in the Metaverse
    – Date & Place: 4:40 pm, April 4, Harbor B

At its private room at Hillcrest A, Riiid will host six different sessions open to all participants at ASU+GSV Summit, including:

  • Session Title: AI-enable your learning platform
    – Date: April. 4  4:30 ~ 5:30 p.m.
  • Session Title: Join the Waive: EdSAFE AI Alliance
    – Date: April 5, 11:00 ~ 11:40 a.m.
    – Key speakers: Dale Allen (Co-Founder of EdSAFE AI Alliance) and Jim Larimore (Chief Officer for Equity in Learning of Riiid), Erin Mote (Executive Director of InnovateEDU), Russell Shilling (SVP for Government Solutions and Policy of Riiid)
  • Session Title: Sharpening the Edge: AI and Efficacy
    – Date: April 5, 2:10 ~ 2:50 p.m.
    – Jason Juneyoung Park (AI Research Lead of Riiid), Bart Epstein (CEO of EdTech Evidence Exchange), Dale Allen (Co-Founder of EdSAFE AI Alliance), Steve Ritter (Founder & Chief Scientist of Carnegie Learning)
  • Session Title: EdSAFE AI as a matter of global policy interest
    – Date: April 5, 3:00 ~ 3:40 p.m.
    – Key speakers: Borhene Chakroun (Director for Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems of UNESCO), Kristina Ishmael (Deputy Director of US Dept of Education Office of Education Technology), Elizabeth Laird (Director of Equity in Civic Technology, Center for Democracy & Technology), Erin Mote (Executive Director of InnovateEDU)
  • Session Title: When Innovations Combine at Education
    – Date: April 5, 3:50 ~ 4:30 p.m.
    – Tom Vander Ark (CEO of Getting Smart), Marten Roorda (Chief Measurement and Learning Officer of Riiid), Jason Juneyoung Park (AI Research Lead of Riiid), Steve Ritter (Founder and Chief Scientist of Carnegie Learning), Carlos Guilermo (Founder and CEO of Territorium)
  • Session Title: A Teacher-centered Conversation About AI in Education
    – Date: April 6, 10:10 ~ 10:50 a.m.
    – Key Speakers: Maria Meier (Strategy Advisor of EdSAFE AI Alliance), Jim Larimore (Chief Officer for Equity in Learning of Riiid), Marten Roorda (Chief Measurement & Learning Officer of Riiid), Russell Shilling (SVP for Government Solutions and Policy of Riiid)

For a hands-on demonstration of our most advanced new technologies, including our new AI-as-a-Service solution "R.Inside," please visit us during the summit at booth #235:

  • R. Inside is Riiid’s B2B API solution to enable truly personalized education in any domain of learning. The solution refines clients’ data and content, and transforms those in real time to track and fit individual learners’ development over-time, integrating Riiid’s proprietary deep learning-based models –Knowledge Tracing, Score Prediction, Recommender System, and Session Dropout Prediction– as the core technology.


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