RIGOL Technologies Unveils StationMax at electronica 2020

Enabling technology exploration across industries with RIGOL’s innovative products and solutions

MUNICH, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — RIGOL Technologies, a leading global provider of test and measurement instruments and solutions unveils StationMax, a new generation of high performance time domain studio that offers highly flexible test configurations tailored to answer varied needs of engineers, at the first-ever virtual electronica event.

Introducing the All-new StationMax

Powered by RIGOL’s proprietary Phoenix Chipset and built on RIGOL’s data analysis and signal synthesis technologies, the all-new StationMax is RIGOL’s latest measurement solution designed to provide uncompromised performance and quality to engineers across multiple industries. The StationMax comes with four receiving channels up to 4GHz analog bandwidth and four transmitting channels up to 5GHz analog bandwidth, delivering higher speed with accuracy.

StationMax Multifunctional Time Domain Studio
StationMax Multifunctional Time Domain Studio

"We are very proud to introduce the StationMax at electronica this year. Committed to addressing customer needs, RIGOL has enabled technology exploration for many engineers, including with our latest generation of multifunctional time domain studio solutions which now simplifies T&M scenarios of engineers effectively," said Rico Wang, co-founder and president of RIGOL. "Designed by engineers for engineers, our belief in empowering possibilities and more continues to drive the team to achieve higher business value for our customers by turning innovations into practical solutions."

With a revolutionary, software-definable system that offers a wide range of application options for different functions, StationMax is designed with advanced features including high-definition touch screen with ergonomic design, split screen capabilities to meet the demands of multi-window and multi-signal tests, optical encoders to address demands for longer service life and a high-definition intelligent function dashboard.

Specifications Table for StationMax

Receive (RX) channel

Transmission (TX) channel

Analog Channels



Analog Bandwidth



Real-Time Sampling Rate



Vertical Resolution



Memory Depth



Innovative Products and Solutions to Meet Industry Needs

In the new digital era, device manufacturers and infrastructure providers are investing heavily in test and measurement solutions. Built on world-leading RIGOL UltraVision II oscilloscope architecture, some of RIGOL’s latest digital oscilloscopes include industry-leading DS8000-R, MSO5000 and MSO8000 that comes with significantly faster waveform capture rates, new filtering and triggering capabilities, and unprecedented memory depths and search capabilities.

Meeting stringent requirements for high performance in waveform generation, RIGOL also showcased its multi-function arbitrary waveform function generator under the DG2000 series.

To play a key role in helping IT and business leaders in the future 5G era, RIGOL introduced a new product series RSA5000N under the high performance real-time spectrum analyzer platform UltraReal, designed to solve modern RF technology challenges.

Setting another industry benchmark is RIGOL’s DSG800A RF signal generator. With a small footprint, light weight and superior portability, the DSG800A is winning reviews as an excellent choice for educational laboratories and industrial production lines, development and research applications.

RIGOL UltraVision II oscilloscope architecture RIGOL UltraReal with VNA mode and Advanced Analysis Capabilities
RIGOL UltraVision II oscilloscope architecture RIGOL UltraReal with VNA mode and Advanced Analysis Capabilities

Positive Outlook with Global Footprint

While the unprecedented pandemic has brought about challenges to businesses around the world, RIGOL remains positive on the industry outlook of the global oscilloscope market with opportunities across consumer electronics, automotive, IT & telecommunications, aerospace, medical, and engineering industries.

As a global leading provider of test and measurement instruments and solutions today, RIGOL started as an innovator and remains one, enabling technology exploration to support innovations. Staying committed to enable the world’s future scientists, engineers and technicians in the testing and measurement field, RIGOL shall continue to play an important role in global market recovery to meet increasing demand for modular instrumentation and high-performance and power efficient electronic devices.

About RIGOL Technologies

Founded in 1998, RIGOL Technologies is a global leading provider of test and measurement instruments and solutions. With its unrelenting exploration of innovation and technological breakthroughs, RIGOL Technologies became a fast-growth player in the global test and measurement industry, with 587 patents and more than 1 million units sold worldwide. Committed to helping customers achieve business value through innovation, RIGOL Technologies has enabled technology exploration by providing high-quality products and reliable service with stringent standards. Our line of products includes Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Waveform Generators, RF-signal Generators, Multimeters, Data Acquisition Systems, DC Power, DC Load and application software. With nearly 500 employees including more than 100 engineers, working alongside customers in approximately 150 countries, RIGOL Technologies empowers possibilities and more for emerging business opportunities.

For more information, please visit www.rigol.com

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