Renowned fantasy RPG, Summoners War, launches with new gameplay and features on AppGallery

The game will offer AppGallery users the chance to battle alongside 100 million Summoners across the globe, competing to retrieve the famous Mana Crystals

LONDON, Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Summoners War, a much-loved RPG game with over 100 million downloads worldwide, has arrived on AppGallery, bringing with it a brand-new battle experience. One of the highest-grossing mobile games, Summoners War is developed by Com2uS and is recognised across the globe for its action-packed fantasy gameplay, with this launch bringing new features, characters and battle arena.

Summoners War: Sky Arena is famous across the globe for its action-packed fantasy gameplay
Summoners War: Sky Arena is famous across the globe for its action-packed fantasy gameplay

Summoners War: Sky Arena – Bringing a new gameplay experience to an already popular platform

Sky Arena invites Summoners to return to battle in the name of collecting precious Mana Crystals, a vital resource within the game, alongside over 1,000 different types of monster waiting to be summoned. Winning teams need to consider their tactical approach to successfully assemble the most powerful team of monsters and compete for victory.

Com2uS – Expanding its global market to develop more world-popular gaming experiences

Com2uS is home to several world-leading mobile games but is looking to further expand its global market by partnering with AppGallery. Mirroring the recent progress of the mobile gaming industry itself, Com2uS offers a selection of high-quality games to its already large audience of over 160 countries. By continuing to collaborate with talented developers and market researchers, Com2uS hopes to continue its winning streak and offer consumers an increasingly competitive mobile gaming experience.

AppGallery – One of the top three app marketplaces globally

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