Register Now! Global Startup Festival ‘COMEUP 2020’

– Meet the Future of startups in the post-COVID 19 era at COMEUP 2020
– A golden opportunity to build networks and interact with 100+ global leaders, 120+ startups and investors
– Date : 19~21 Nov, 2020 (KST)
– Slogan : Meet the Future – Post Pandemic
– Participation : via the COMEUP 2020 website

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister Park Young-sun, hereafter referred to as MSS) and COMEUP 2020 Organizing Committee (Chairwoman Kim, Seulah, CEO of Kurly, hereafter referred to as the Committee) announced that the opening ceremony of the global startup festival, "COMEUP 2020" will be held on November 19(Thursday), marking the start of the 3-day festival.

COMEUP 2020 starts November 19 to 21
COMEUP 2020 starts November 19 to 21

COMEUP has been solidifying its status as the biggest startup festival in Asia since its inception last year, and this year’s event was organized to provide a ‘platform for cooperation and discussion’ for the global startup ecosystem preparing for the post-COVID-19 era.

The entire opening ceremony will be broadcast live online through the ‘Official COMEUP 2020 nurijip(homepage)’ and COMEUP’s YouTube channel so anyone in the world can watch it.

The stage for the opening ceremony was designed utilizing all image planes so the 3-dimensional display configuration will stand out.

‘COMEUP 2020’ will be held for 3 days from November 19th(Thursday) to November 21st(Saturday), and all festivities will be broadcast live online.

Key programs consist of academic conferences in 12 key areas, and 7 special and additional events.

Lectures and panel discussions by 114 well-known speakers·panels leading the global startup environment in their respective fields of expertise will be broadcast live online.

‘Special events’ will be conducted simultaneously, aligning various competitions between startups representing Korea with COMEUP 2020, while additional events are expected to assist COMEUP STARS(120 companies) in making the leap to become global startups through cooperation with relevant local institutions.

Minister of MSS, Park Young-sun said "The Republic of Korea and COMEUP is more than happy to continue to play the role of the ‘meeting place’ where global startups can interact and cooperate."

COMEUP 2020 opening ceremony stage proposal
COMEUP 2020 opening ceremony stage proposal

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