Red NFT, inspired by contemporary artist Skolyshev, now brings modern art to the digital world

It presents creativity, passion, and love via the color ‘red’

HONG KONG, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Inspired by a contemporary art series ‘Red Girls’ from a Grodno-born artist Skolyshev, also known as Sko1y, Red NFT is going to show its first presence in the digital world.

'Red Girl' rendering
‘Red Girl’ rendering

Each Red Girl from Red NFT is representing a little rebel who empowers the world with her creativity and love to bring world peace which will contribute to building the Web3 community. With the unique storyline of Red NFT, it continues to share the message of Red girl: 

In 2022, when there seems to be no hope left in the world, a girl finds a blood bag filled with mystery power. As she opens it, her face and body start turning red. She’s filled with energy and the feeling of love gives her the special power to conquer the negativity in the world.

Contrary to the trend that most of the current art NFT projects are derived from digital artists, this new attempt to bring the traditional artist to the NFT market is opening new doors for both the art and NFT industry. It delivers an expanded art experience to the audience from reality to a virtual world and vice versa, filling a gap between metaverse physical galleries, artists, and crypto.

"Red NFT is more than just another art NFT project. We are drawing a big picture of building an ecosystem of interactivity, utility, community rewards, growth, collaboration, and so on in the art industry. In the center of this dynamic, there is a community with positive power like red girls," said Thor Chan, co-founder of the ‘Red NFT’ team. 

Red NFT project is going to launch in the second quarter of 2022 and minting will proceed on the official website. When it’s sold out, it will be listed and traded on OpenSea. Red NFT will live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721A tokens and be hosted on IPFS. 

After his successful show in Shanghai in 2022, Skolyshev will be represented by Hong Kong Gallery ‘Nothing at all’ for his first solo show in early June. Red NFT holders will receive a VIP pass to this exhibition. 

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About KABOOM Lab:
Kaboom lab is the creator behind RED NFT. It is a WEB3 laboratory composed of professionals from the art world to crypto, sharing the same vision to create a dynamic, diverse, empowering digital collectible for a high-end community for art lovers and crypto investors.

About Skolyshev:

Creativity has always been ingrained in Skolyshev Vladimir’s DNA. He chalks up being creative as his ultimate end goal and that his most important life decision was to commit his time and attention solely to his art. Skolyshev’s dedication to his craft shines through in his work, which consists of red and black color fills, an assortment of smiley faces, and cartoonish details.

One can only imagine the experiences that Skolyshev gains from spending his entire life steadfast to his expertise. It reveals itself through his work, specifically in his Red Girl series, as each painting is a different variation of the same figure with its individual stories. Taking inspiration from legendary artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Picasso, Skolyshev has established his own minimal artistic style from the same foundation to make his mark in the contemporary art space. His painting style is defined by bright colors and bold scenes with positive energy.


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