Recession and Recruitment: KUPU Deploys its Expertise to Help Employers Prepare for Economic Downturn

KUPU unveils top tips for recruiting during a recession and flexible work as a potential solution.   

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KUPU, the bespoke AI-driven platform matching the labor market via dynamic skill-based profile progressions, has announced its plan of action to assist employers in preparing for possible recession times. KUPU recognizes the rising trends and demands of flexible workers – with the view that this is the main target segment for employers.

Recruitment made simple with candidate pre-screening process
Recruitment made simple with candidate pre-screening process

KUPU would like to ensure that companies are prepared and staffed during a recession. "Although the economy has been propped up throughout the pandemic, strain is starting to show globally, and Indonesia is not immune," said Andry The, Chief Information Officer.

Flexible working future

Employers generally look to reduce headcount during economic uncertainty during a downturn, especially in small and medium enterprises. However, as our exit from the pandemic has shown, this can lead to further problems when the economy bounces back. HR teams can turn the situation to their advantage if they are switched on and ready to react. "Our app is free of charge. We have features on the platform to ensure enterprises still have the workforce to succeed during a recession," added Andry. 

KUPU promotes the concept of flexible work and helps recruiters and job seekers find new opportunities, whether long-term, short-term, freelance, project or remote work. Employers can filter applicants for pre-screening before moving on with the in-app online interview. Zarkasih Ramadan, an HR manager at PT Sinergi Integra Services and a long-term KUPU user said, "I found over 100 candidates in the span of 3 days using KUPU app." 

Recession-proofing Indonesian enterprises

KUPU also released top tips on job seeking and recruiting during a recession to ensure that companies and candidates are prepared.

See recession as an opportunity to grow

When uncertain times hit, it’s vital to create a plan that can give you some guidance. Consider your business objectives and priorities, even if a recession does hit—outline essential roles and areas of the business that could benefit from additional support. Taking a proactive rather than reactive approach will put you one step ahead of the competition.

Refrain from freezing hiring

The initial reaction to economic uncertainty is to stop hiring as a cost-saving exercise, saving money to focus on taking care of existing staff. However, while this saves money in the short term, stopping new hires also means halting business progression.

Companies that stop hiring risk losing income, as existing employees face burnout leading to reduced quality of service or product quality.

Prioritize Flexi-working

To ensure business continuity, identify essential positions by prioritizing the ones that impact your revenue the most. Consider giving your current employees more duties with a promised incentive for the less critical functions. You can also temporarily use freelancers and independent contractors.

Candidates looking to upskill and prepare for new opportunities can visit KUPU by downloading the KUPU App in Apple App or Google Play stores.

For more information on preparing for a recession, recruiters can visit

About KUPU

Founded in 2021, KUPU is a mobile recruitment platform connecting job providers and seekers. The platform provides upskilling courses to increase employment visibility and to ensure each user is provided with an equal opportunity. KUPU is expanding its following throughout Indonesia and is looking to collaborate with initiatives from the public and private sectors to strengthen the employment industry further. Source: KUPU


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