Rario launches Marketplace feature to allow users to buy, sell and trade Cricket NFTs

– Early User sees 111x return on Rario Cricket card within days of Marketplace launch

NEW DELHI, Nov. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cricket-based NFT platform Rario announced the launch of its much awaited Marketplace feature which will allow users to buy, sell and trade Rario NFTs on the company’s digital platform. Staying true to its promise of presenting cricket fans an authentic digital collector’s experience, Rario takes the next step in creating an ecosystem on its platform for engaging cricket fans around the world.

Early User sees 111x return on Rario Cricket card within days of Marketplace launch
Early User sees 111x return on Rario Cricket card within days of Marketplace launch

The success of the feature was evident within days of its launch when one Rario user witnessed a massive 111x return after selling a $2 card of cricketer Sheldon Cottrell’s "salute" celebration for $222. Early predictions within the community are expecting more 100x sales to follow suit.

The Marketplace feature will give collectors and fans the opportunity to obtain any desired Rario NFT that they may have missed out on in the initial pack drops. Buyer and seller privacy, security of the transaction, as well as delivery of the money and the NFT will be handled entirely by the Rario Marketplace.

Speaking about the launch of the Rario Marketplace, Rario Co-Founder and CEO Ankit Wadhwa said, "The fabric of a typical collector’s experience is made up of not only obtaining collectibles, but also having an opportunity to showcase their collection to the world and having the chance to trade with fellow enthusiasts. This remains true whether we speak of digital or offline collectibles. At Rario, our vision is to provide a one-stop shop for cricket fans and collectors around the world to be able to buy, sell, trade, and even showcase their collection on the platform at the Marketplace. A robust Marketplace takes us one step closer to digitally recreating an authentic experience for collectors and changing the way that fans interact with the game of cricket."

The Rario Marketplace is now live for users to buy and sell their NFTs. Users and fans now have a second opportunity to get their hands on the iconic moments from the Caribbean Premier League which were released during the first three Rario pack drops.

Find the tweet of the 111x sale here – https://twitter.com/rariohq/status/1460696378359758850?t=Aar_d7PotDrOBBjdHaSugA&s=19

More information about the buying, selling, and trading process can be found here: https://medium.com/rariohq/the-rario-marketplace-launch-explainer-608aa4038a0d

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