PR Newswire Publishes 2020 Tech Media Pitching Kit

The resource enables PR professionals to adapt their pitching approach and connect with tech journalists and influencers in a COVID-19 world

HONG KONG, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — PR Newswire today released its 2020 Tech Media Pitching Kit — offering brands advice on how to pitch to tech reporters in the new normal. The advice was gathered from tech journalists and influencers across 9 markets in the Asia-Pacific region from August to September 2020.

PR Newswire's 2020 Tech Media Pitching Kit
PR Newswire’s 2020 Tech Media Pitching Kit


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital adoption in businesses with the prevalent use of technology, from cloud-based services, collaborative platforms to cybersecurity solutions. As technology such as the Internet of Things, 5G network and Artificial Intelligence continue to transform industries, there will be more opportunities for brands to share tech stories with the media.

The 2020 Tech Media Pitching Kit highlights key trends, events and topics within the industry to equip PR professionals with up-to-date and effective pitching tips.

Download the kit here or start with the main takeaways below.

  1. Smartphones, 5G and IoT remain key interests

    The 2020 Tech Media Pitching Kit reveals that half of the surveyed journalists and influencers said they are most interested in the trending topics of new smartphones, 5G and IoT. Others are keeping an eye out for topics such as electric vehicles and the business performance of tech companies.

    "I’m always looking forward to more updates on frontier technology — 5G, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Quantum Computing, etc — and stuff that is on the boundaries of what IT can do," said Rahul Joshi, Head of Content at Jicara Media.

    "Large-scale technology and auto shows will be our focus. I’m interested in cutting-edge technology that involves electric vehicles and those powered by alternative energy sources," said Xiang Ou, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of TMTPost.

  2. Tech journalists predict pandemic-related technology trends to emerge in 2021

    Tech journalists predict that most of the technology introduced next year will be related to the new normal. These technologies could be aimed at helping people adapt to working from home and provide protection against viruses.

    "The trend of consumer technology supporting work, study and entertainment activities at home will be interesting. Examples include laptops and smartphones with long battery life and cameras that are suitable for online meetings. Other trends are health-related smart technology such as portable ultraviolet-c (UV-C) lamps that guard against viruses and health start-ups on areas like telemedicine," said Fitraya Ramadhanny, Managing Editor of‘s technology section.

  3. A different format is necessary for virtual events

    As virtual events are expected to continue, tech reporters told PR Newswire the biggest mistake brands make is trying to replicate a traditional press conference online. Digital events should be more concise, engaging and interactive.

    "Digital events should be more concise. Stage presence and audience engagement cannot be mimicked on a Zoom call. Traditional presentation decks tend to be packed with secondary info or repetition of a brand’s history and achievements. Get to the point – get your media into breakout rooms where they can readily engage with relevant spokespeople if they wish to, or directly access press materials," explained Zachary Chan, Editor at HWM Singapore &

  4. The biggest turnoffs for tech journalists: Email blasts, repeated calls and emails on the same topic

    Apart from pitching advice, the 2020 Tech Media Pitching Kit also reveals actions that will deter reporters from covering stories. Irrelevant and untargeted email pitches is an ineffective method to communicate with reporters and multiple calls and emails on the same pitch is also discouraged. A customised press release with multimedia elements will increase the chances of media pick-up.

    "Many PR agencies send out press releases for the same client almost every day, which is very frustrating. Your client’s release is not a memo, so choose carefully which releases you send to the media," said Purjono Agus Suhendro, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of TechnoBusiness Media.

    "Most of my fellow journalists do not like receiving press releases in PDF format because it is difficult to access. We prefer that press release information is included as body text in emails. The emails can include attachments such as fact sheet and high-resolution photo. Do not issue multiple releases based on the same products just to meet your client’s demands," said Bambang Dwi Atmoko, Chief Editor of Gizmologi. 

For more pitching advice and insights into the tech industry, download the 2020 Tech Media Pitching Kit here.

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