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012614-azalea_residences_baguio-2 We got the privilege to take photos in a thanksgiving party and there were a lot of people, it is unlike the birthday parties that we’ve attended where we are used to the flow of the “program”. This time we were given the chance to be the events photographer for a hotel’s thanksgiving party. If you thought taking photos at birthdays will prepare you to take events photos you have another thing coming, good thing we did not make that assumption and had to prepare for the event. Even though we prepared for the event there are still changing variables in the event that would force you to become creative and improvise. Here are our tips when doing Events Photography and the Possible changing variables.

Changing Variable 1 – The Program Flow

Yes programs are planned for many months before the actual event. However, you have to remember that there are programs remains to be guides and circumstances may force us to change the program. One of the changing variable of the program flow is time. Sometimes the exact time of the program is not followed. Why is this important for the photographer? Well time would determine the natural light available for the photographer especially if the event is done outside, therefore, as the photographer you have to always bring your flash and additional lights if possible, but always remember to pack light since you will do a lot of moving around during the event. Another thing is the program may not necessarily be followed so be ready to be mobile. This means that you have to already pick the best spots to take photos and the quickest route going from point A to point B.

Changing Variable 2 – Lights, Gadgets and Flare

Events planners or organizers would love to add flare to their events, and most of the time this is achieved with the use of gadgets like special lights and smoke machines. As an event photographer you should know how to adjust your camera based on the available lighting, especially so if the lights are colored like purple, blue, red or whatever. To counter this you will again need your trusty flash (not recommending any brand use the flash you are comfortable with). If ever smoke machines are used you will definitely have a problem, just as what we have experienced photos taken with smoke filling up the room makes the output too grainy and white. Although you can try cleaning it up during post process, it is better to do it right the first time, so to do this again use you trusty flash and this time you have to take a close photo of your subject.

Changing Variable 3 – Moving Target

Another variable that you should watch out for in Events photography is the moving target, remember you cannot tell the people at a party while doing their performance or while chatting to hold their pose. So you need to freeze them using your camera, to do this you should have a high shutter speed and to compensate for the lack of lighting (assuming the event area has dim lighting) you will again need your flash (notice how your flash comes in handy?) So far these are the things that we have experienced in terms of the changing variable, just remember that in events photography it will definitely take a lot of your quick wits and creativity. So remember that apart from preparing physically you should also prepare mentally.


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