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After several months of speculations and sightings, the Google car street view is now finally confirmed to be going around the Philippines, well, that’s the idea at least. So starting today the Google Streetview Car will be going around Manila to take data (photos) along the streets.

What is StreetView?

Streetview is a feature added to Google Maps and Google Earth to expand the “exploration” experience of the users. Through the captured photos or the streetview photos, users can now experience a virtual walk through of the place they are viewing. This will show them the streets and buildings and other structures.

Sample Street View
Sample Street View

Uses For Streetview

By Experience here are some uses of the Streetview: 1. Easily Locate Your Destination – of course you have Google maps for that but sometimes Google Maps is not enough especially if you are already at that area. You would easily determine what the place looks like allowing you to easily recognize the place once you arrive. 2. Scout the Area – with Street view you can easily scout the area and find the things you need like the nearest parking area, nearby hotel or restaurant among others. 3. Give Directions – Be like an expert or a local and give directions to your friends who are looking for information on how to get to a certain place, use Streetview to give them an almost accurate description of the place.

Streetview in the Philippines

Photo Courtesy of Anne Olvido

Just today at the SMX Convention Center, Google announced that the Streetview is now available in the Philippines and according to our sources the streetview is already available in the Intramuros area.

The Streetview Car

The streetview car is basically a car that is equipped with a 360 degrees camera on top which is used to capture images that will be used for the streetview data. The streetview car in the Philippines is a Chevrolet.

Courtesy of Google
A Street View Car

So if you see the streetview car in your place give a huge wave 🙂


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