Petale is reinventing financial asset management to conquer a market worth several hundred billion euro

– In Paris on March 22, 2022, Petale Group, a European Fintech firm, is launching a global first: a pioneering approach to innovative financial services combining Web 3.0, digital finance and traditional asset management

PARIS, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — By introducing a first digital investment fund, a stable digital asset and an investment and payment application, Petale is positioning itself at the crossroads of three major growing markets: blockchain (Web 3.0, valued at 2.030 billion euro), personal finance (9.270 billion euro), and asset management (103.000 billion euro).

Pétale Group founder and president M. Babacar N. Seck
Pétale Group founder and president M. Babacar N. Seck


With this unique positioning, Petale provides its clients innovative financial and digital services that empower them to digitally certify and monetize physical or digital assets through innovative technical, legal and "tokenization" processes (blockchain securitization). Petale’s service offer also makes it possible to invest in the Petale crypto asset, which provides exclusive access to tokenized products collateralized through an investment fund specialized in digital, green and strategic projects and capital markets.

Petale is already involved in more than 300 million euro in investment opportunities, and is actively collaborating with asset managers, qualified investors and companies active in this innovation. The Petale blockchain, which records all assets under management, was developed in compliance with European regulations. It is a shared, transparent and unalterable ledger that facilitates the process of recording financial transactions and tracking the status and appreciation of digital assets.

"Petale’s vision is an intergenerational project working to bring about an evolution in financial infrastructure, and to bequeath to future generations a more efficient, robust and transparent financial system. Our ambition is to make investment accessible to all, to make finance more inclusive," notes Babacar N. Seck, Founding President of Petale Group.

With tokenization, Petale is redefining ownership, democratizing access to profitable fractional products and providing customers an industry-leading application for managing and growing their assets.

By combining blockchain concepts with traditional finance and digital financial services, Petale brings a disruptive value proposition to ultimately help finance the real economy.


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