PAWAii Dog Harness A New Way to Walk Your Dog Without Fear of Loss

QINGDAO, China, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Every aspect of modern life is becoming smarter, and it’s time to upgrade the dog walking gear. Pawaii recently launched a professional pet harness with a QR ID tag, which is great news for pet owners concerned about loss.

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP), approximately one-third of pets will become lost during their lifetimes, with less than 2% of cats and 15 to 20% of dogs being returned to their owners. However, registering ID information for pets can increase the likelihood that lost cats will be returned to owners to 38.5% and the likelihood that lost dogs will be returned to their owners to 52.2%.

Pawaii pet tags for dogs can provide your pet with a unique ID. A pet owner can quickly register a customized ID file for their pet by scanning the QR code on it. If your pet becomes lost, a finder can scan the QR code on this tag to obtain your contact information and contact you as soon as possible. This tiny ID tag can significantly increase your pet’s return rate.

Aside from the pet tag, the Pawaii dog harness is designed to meet the needs of both humans and pets. A 360° surrounded type harness can relieve traction pressure and give you more control over your pet. This no-pull dog harness can meet the needs of your high-energy pet thanks to its soft and breathable harness and firm and sturdy buckles. Furthermore, with its highly reflective and colorful design, this harness for dogs can keep your pet safe from getting lost or being involved in a traffic accident.

Usage scenario of dog harness
Usage scenario of dog harness

Pawaii’s designers believe that simply putting this harness on your pet is like giving them a warm hug. Both the ID tag and the dog vest harness are thoughtfully and humanely designed, with the ID tag assisting in pet reuniting and the dog harness packed with details. We care for pets while also considering human comfort. Pawaii’s brand vision is well represented by focusing on the present while striving for a better future.

Pawaii, a pet supply company, is committed to creating stylish, high-quality, and intelligent products that break down barriers between humans and pets. Pawaii insists on meticulously designing every detail of pet gear, paying special attention to product quality and user experience to bring more warmth and happiness to every pet family.

Pawaii anticipates exploring more with pet owners in the future to better understand pet demands and to depict a smart and colorful blueprint for pet families in the new era through innovative technology, collected product data, and continuous optimization and iteration.


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