Paved Introduces the Paved Ad Network and Native Ad Editor, enabling email newsletter publishers to monetize with premium native advertising

The creators of the Newsletter Sponsorship Marketplace launch a native ad network for email, with a built-in editor for native email ads

NEW YORK, April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Paved (, a leading platform for email newsletter sponsorships and native advertising, today announced the launch of the new Paved Ad Network and Native Ad Editor to enable global content creators to easily monetize their newsletters. has launched a new Ad Network and Native Ad Editor for email newsletter creators. has launched a new Ad Network and Native Ad Editor for email newsletter creators.

For newsletter publishers helping to grow the creator economy, this launch brings new native ad technology to email, and controls for ad quality and data privacy:

  • Native Sponsorships: The native ad format performs better for content creators because it matches the look and feel of their newsletters and resonates more with audiences. The average click-through rate for native advertising is 8.8x higher than display ads according to AppNexus and eMarketer, and native ads register an 18% higher lift in purchase intent, according to a study by Sharethrough. As part of the Paved platform, a publisher can use the Native Ad Editor to create sponsorship templates that match the style of their newsletters.
  • Global Publisher Platform: To date Paved has paid out newsletter publishers in 80 countries for sponsorship campaigns. The platform underneath the Paved Ad Network supports content creators globally, with infrastructure distributed across 200 data centers around the world.
  • Built for Email Data Privacy: The Paved Ad Network was built for a post-GDPR world and post-Apple iOS 15 update with Mail Privacy Protection. It relies on clicks and not opens to measure campaigns, and respects personally identifiable information.
  • Content Control: Publishers can control the ad categories they would like to show in their newsletters, so that these messages match with their audiences and interests.

"Paved has been brilliant in helping me generate revenue for my newsletter," said Phil McParlane, founder of 4dayweek. "It helps me find sponsors with almost zero effort. I only spent a few minutes creating my profile."

"The next area of digital marketing that needs to evolve is in the inbox," said John McLaughlin, founder and CEO of Paved. "By bringing rich native ads to email, we can help content creators focus on what they do best, which is to create new content for their readers. We can be their monetization engine and bring them premium brands excited to reach their audience."

For more information about the Paved Ad Network, please visit

About Paved

Paved connects more than 5,000 newsletter creators and brands to create sponsorship campaigns that resonate with engaged audiences. Our publishers reach 250 million engaged subscribers every month across a range of B2B and B2C topics and interest areas. We capture millions of data points every day to ensure the best advertiser and audience match for each campaign and offer the kind of granular targeting never seen before in the newsletter space. We are a rapidly-growing, hard-working, fully distributed team working from all over the world.

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