PAPALOOK releases the latest studio-level professional live camera PA552

– PA552 comes equipped with a touch button, 3-Level adjustable brightness and dual noise-reducing microphones

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — PAPALOOK, a well-known innovative camera manufacturer, recently introduced the latest live camera PA552. With the automated beautification feature, adjustable brightness and studio-level lighting, PA552 is the camera of choice for professional vloggers and web celebrities alike. During the COVID-19 pandemic, by way of the camera, users can not only better stay in touch and interact with their friends, but also have an enhanced video teleconferencing and online learning experience. PA552 is now available on and, and will soon begin arriving in Staples stores.

PAPALOOK releases the latest studio-level professional live camera PA552
PAPALOOK releases the latest studio-level professional live camera PA552

With the studio-grade enhanced ring light and 3-Level adjustable brightness, PAPALOOK PA552’s brightness feature can be switched on at will. The ring light can also automatically adjust picture brightness. Once the DSP chip captures external light, much in the same way as the human brain, it will automatically and intelligently react to deliver the best image exposure. Even in dim light, users can achieve meaningful live experiences. The 5-layer CMOS glass lens and full HD 1080 P captures a much finer level of detail as well as the naturally bright colors in smooth 30 frames-per-second videos.

PA552’s dual noise-reducing microphones provide excellent improvement in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), which can automatically capture and filter external background noise. Even in a noisy environment, the microphone delivers a purer level of sound quality. The omni-directional microphone captures the sounds more realistically from all angles.

To produce more realistic pictures, PAPALOOK also adopts the advanced portrait reproduction technology to minimize distortion and blur, heightening the realism of the colors.

The webcam can be conveniently clamped onto the monitor of a tablet or the screen of a notebook, or placed on the complimentary tripod, on a desktop or on any flat surface. With easy connect, plug-and-play set up, it is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and most live broadcast and video software.


PAPALOOK, a leading webcam expert in the industry, is committed to offering users worldwide a better online video experience, as a result of R&D into better innovative online audiovisual perception technologies. The company is now focused on producing 720P/1080P and 2K/4k high-definition webcams. Start your live streaming with PAPALOOK webcams. For more information, please visit

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