OpenLive NFT – the pioneer NFT Marketplace received investment from Ufin Venture

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently revealed, OpenLive NFT has attracted the attention and interest of a large number of users who love collecting NFTs. And this hustle does not escape the eyes of big investors in the currently extremely exciting NFT market. OpenLive NFT has just announced it has received an investment from Ufin Venture.

Spectacular explosion of NFT and NFT marketplace

In 2021, the Blockchain market witnessed the explosion of the NFT and NFT Marketplace. There’s been an increasing interest in NFT. NFT Marketcap increased 1785% and created liquidity up to billions of USD in 2021.

OpenLive NFT takes place as the Marketplace, which is a platform decentralized exchange where users can generate NFT, NFT buying & selling & NFT Storage. This can provide a unique experience and help investors earn a profit, as well as support the growth of the NFT market.

With the ambition to be the best NFT marketplace in Asia, OpenLive NFT integrates many modern technologies, which includes Omni-chain to ultilize the users experience.

OpenLive’s Potential for the NFT Market

Each project displayed on OpenLive NFT is a work of passion and carefully invested by the creators. Therefore, OpenLive NFT hopes to create an environment where these artworks can be displayed proudly for others to admire. Here is the encouraging environment where creators can freely publish and promote their works.

Therefore, in OpenLive NFT, you can find Arts, Fantasy Sports, Music, Real Estate and Actual Real Estate, Video clips, Sports, Games, Domain names, Accessories, Infrastructure Development. Everything you need can be found on OpenLive NFT.

OpenLive NFT aims to create an NFT market revolution as they play the part of the platform that connects content creators and artists with investors and collectors. Not only that, with the advanced technology they have to offer, OpenLive NFT is also the validator that checks the authentication of each artwork submitted to the platform. This helps reduce the risk of users being attacked by malicious smart contract codes.

Moreover, with a developing team full of passion, OpenLive NFT  hopes to preserve and enrich the thousands of years of civilization that our ancestors have entrusted to our generation, therefore, the team is making plans to bring the Vietnamese-cultural NFTs to the platform.

An intersection between modern and advanced technologies, combined with the nation’s long-standing cultural traditions, OpenLive NFT will bring a new breeze to the NFT collector community in particular and traditional collectors in general.

OpenLive NFT was established in September 2021as a peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto collectibles, non-fungible tokens, and virtual items based on Blockchain. It is notable that the project is developed by an expert team full of experience in the market.

Cooperation and investment between Ufin and OpenLive

OpenLive NFT has just announced that it has received an investment from Ufin Venture. UFIN  operates in 4 areas including Artificial Intelligence (A.I), Blockchain, NFT Game, and Cloud Computing.

With the goal of bringing maximum value to customers, they aim to become a leading technology company in the UK and around the world. With this cooperation and investment of Ufin with OpenLive promises to be a potential and remarkable project in the near future.

According to their roadmap, the project will start releasing its demo in Q2/2022. Let’s all wait and see.

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