OpenLive NFT invests in NFT Projects with $1 Million Fund

LONDON, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OpenLive NFT announced recently that it has established a $1 million fund to invest in unique and potential NFT projects in the Blockchain space.

In 2021, the Blockchain market witnessed the explosion of the NFT and NFT Marketplace. There’s been an increasing interest in NFT. NFT Marketcap increased 1785% and created liquidity up to billions of USD in 2021.

OpenLive NFT deducts part of their investment fund, specifically $1 million, to invest in the most exciting and potential NFT projects, which can provide a unique experience and help investors earn profit.

OpenLive NFT invests in NFT Projects with $1 Million Fund
OpenLive NFT invests in NFT Projects with $1 Million Fund

CEO OpenLive NFT said, "Our $1 million fund is a clear planning step to support potential projects. Each project displayed on OpenLive NFT is a work of passion and carefully invested by the creators. So we hope that these works will be treasured when displayed on our site. In the coming time, the community will show more and more interest in blockchain-based NFT."

He also added, "NFT is the future economy of the Blockchain. Our investment fund helps creatives freely express their abilities and contribute works of art to the community. Our investment fund also helps startups grow, providing promising solutions to compete with the giants in the market. OpenLive NFT is excited to be associated with these projects and lead the world in this direction."

OpenLive NFT is looking forward to connecting with high-potential NFT projects in the Blockchain sphere. This startup will build extensive infrastructure to meet the needs and support digital transformation globally.

About OpenLive NFT

OpenLive NFT was established in September 2021. OpenLive NFT is a peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto collectibles, non-fungible tokens and virtual items based on Blockchain.

OpenLive NFT aims to become the pioneer platform in the NFT Marketplace which has been built for exchanging NFT tokens such as popular NFT platforms: Rarible, Opensea, Foundation etc. OpenLive NFT creates an NFT market and NFT tokens evolution which is the only transparent and verifiable piece of information scarcity in the blockchain. OpenLive NFT develops NFTs by mathematical verification of individual certificates or licenses.

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