Open a New Page: XPPen Launched Its Online Rebranding

SHENZHEN, April 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On Apr. 15th, XPPen, a leader in digital painting, launched an online rebranding conference via the metaverse, amid much fanfare among Generation Z. 

XPPen, which already holds a special place in this industry, brings out a brand new slogan of "Dream. Brave. True" for the young generation with Gen Z at its core and the new brand philosophy of "Boundless Inspiration for Authentic Creation."

Online Launch for XPPen Rebranding Campaign
Online Launch for XPPen Rebranding Campaign

Recently, it released a rebranding announcement online and its new logo of an innovative visual identity. The conference hosted by the virtual figure Fenix, mascot of XPPen this time, further interpreted its new brand vision and core philosophy.

According to the official announcer of XPPen, it has gradually established a new product layout in the preparation process of rebranding since 2021. Currently, XPPen boasts two categories and 5 series, including the Deco pen tablets and the Artist pen displays.

Last year, XPPen made a groundbreaking leap in the core technology of X3 smart chip with its self research and development, to realize the remarkable painting experience of "sharp, stable and precise", break up the industry technology monopoly by shooting the chronic pain points of "lagging, delay, heavy stroke, broken lines, instability and frequency interference", and thus fully realize the realistic pen and paper drawing experience. 

From what we can tell, XPPen has been long worked profoundly with the globally award-winning brands proactively, exploring the authentic aspirations of the young group, whether it’s in the collaborations with world-renowned brands, such as LINE FRIENDS, associations with internationally noted artists, or active engagements in a series of various animation fairs. Sitting on such a converging spot of both tech and art, XPPen has realized that, its fate has been deeply connected with the growth of the young generation.

"Art Star" CG talent training programme, an art communication community encompassing Xfans, CG CAMP and other platforms, and a joint proposition with National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students, are all provided by XPPen to encourage the art creators and enthusiasts to pursue their dreams and express their real selves. Through these endless efforts, XPPen is constantly pushing forward the overall CG ecosystem development by a feat of continuous exploration of infinite digital art possibilities, to bring creative producers in line with international standards.

For XPPen, a brand of 17 years, choosing to rebrand itself for a transformative and overall upgrade at such an important juncture, it’s an opportunity and yet a challenge. In the future, what other harvests and surprises will XPPen bring us? Ultimately, time will have the final say.


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