OP.GG Bot for Discord surpasses 10,000 installs

  • OP.GG’s new service that provides game data through Discord
  • Meaningful milestone a result of close collaboration with Discord since the development stages of the App Directory

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global game service platform OP.GG announced today that the OP.GG Bot for Discord (OP.GG Bot) surpassed 10,000 server installs in just two weeks since its launch. Discord servers, operated and managed by individual users, can have from under ten to tens of thousands of active members.

OP.GG Bot for Discord surpasses 10,000 installs
OP.GG Bot for Discord surpasses 10,000 installs

The OP.GG Bot is an automated program developed by OP.GG that provides player stats, match histories, and other League of Legends game data directly on Discord’s platform and is available for installation through the newly launched Discord App Directory. The App Directory is a vast ecosystem of various apps that provide users all over the world with thousands of helpful and inventive bots natively in Discord without relying on third-party websites or search engines.

OP.GG along with Magoosh, NASCAR, Nickelodeon, Picsart, Step, StockX, and Wendy’s built bots for the worldwide launch of the Discord App Directory as launch partners. Global service platforms such as Netflix, SoundCloud and Midjourney joined the partner roster and have launched their own bots in the Discord App Directory, too. 

Jaesung Lee, Discord Bot Team Lead for OP.GG, stated, "The OP.GG Bot for Discord is a result of the team’s devotion, and we are happy to see the OP.GG Bot receiving love from the global gaming community. We’re also thankful to Discord for giving our bot a home," adding, "OP.GG will continue to develop services that provide our worldwide users with meaningful experiences."  

Detailed information about the OP.GG Bot for Discord can be found on its official website.

OP.GG is a global game service platform with 59 million active monthly users and provides various services through its website, mobile app, and desktop app that enhances the user’s gaming experience. Learn more about OP.GG through OP.GG’s company page.


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