Omni Remotes launches “perpetual” remote control

The new solar-powered Model P will last years of standard daily use without replacing or recharging its battery.

HONG KONG, Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Omni Remotes ("Omni"), a global leader in home control solutions, today announced a new remote that requires no battery replacement or recharging over its entire product lifetime. The solar-powered Model P has the potential to significantly reduce the use and disposal of alkaline batteries.

Leveraging Omni’ low-power hardware platform, Model P supports standard voice commands as well as Bluetooth and infrared keypresses, while drawing virtually no current while in standby. Coupled with advancements in solar harvesting, Model P can essentially operate in perpetuity, given 8 hours of daily indoor lighting. Even in complete darkness, its built-in power reserves can sustain 4 months of regular use.

Designed without a battery compartment or charging port, Model P measures just 10mm thick. Its solar panel is seamlessly designed into the rest of the remote, defying the utilitarian look of conventional solar devices. Currently offered to leading pay TV operators, it is compatible with Android TV, RDK and other popular set-top box systems.

"The humble remote control is often overlooked, but is one of the few truly ubiquitous devices," said Jean-Paul Abrams, President of Global Sales, Omni Remotes. "As an industry leader, we hope that Model P points to a greener way for the millions of remotes made each year."

Model P is part of the "Omni Greenovation" program, a broad-ranging sustainability effort that includes implementing ink-free manufacturing processes, using recycled and ocean-bound plastics, and adopting paper-based packaging.

Omni Remotes is headquartered in Singapore and listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong as Home Control International Limited (stock code: 1747.HK). Over its 30 years of history, the Company has supplied over a billion remotes to the world’s largest pay TV operators and consumer electronics brands, including AT&T, Sky UK and Liberty Global.

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