NFT launchpad TRX Labs to launch free training for 300 NFT creators to empower 500 businesses in the Web3 future by 2025

SINGAPORE, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A highly regarded NFT launchpad and Web 3.0 enabler, TRX Labs, recently announced an upcoming NFT Creator Bootcamp, slated to start on the 25th May 2022, with the aim of training at least 300 new creators for the Web 3.0 future within the next 3 years. These creators will be part of an upcoming NFT marketplace led by TRX Labs, with plans to expand to Asia and beyond.

NFT launchpad TRX Labs is launching a free creator bootcamp for 300 creators
NFT launchpad TRX Labs is launching a free creator bootcamp for 300 creators

TRX Labs is the company behind three successful NFT launches, one of the rare companies with such a track record. The startup has also announced NFT partnerships with leading Intellectual Property (IP) holders such as toy collectible company XM Studios, street culture leaders Culture Cartel, and co-living company, The Assembly Place, to bring them on board the Web3 economy. 

Offered for free, TRX Labs aims to empower students and enterprising adults to dive deep into the world of blockchain and NFTs, with the end goal of the 20-pax workshop minting their own NFTs. Participants will undergo a specially curated experience that highlights best practices and techniques that define ZMAX’s reputation as a leading NFT collection, led by TRX staff and industry experts, with both practical and technical lessons paid for by the startup.

TRX Lab’s vision of a community-backed marketplace, an exchange, move-to-earn games, retail merchandise and In-Real-Life (IRL)  events such as their Run for Your Lives (RFYL – a thrilling event where participants play in a huge game of zombie-themed tag) runs held worldwide – will provide the backdrop for their participant-led NFTs to find initial utility and value.

This initiative by TRX Labs highlights the growing interest of businesses in Web3 development, and also the dearth of talent that is lacking in this space. As blockchain technology and applications mature, more businesses will see increasing viable opportunities to leverage on platforms such TRX Lab’s Zombie Max (ZMAX) to build and maintain communities, while simultaneously personalizing the brand experience for each customer.

As such, ZMAX’s upcoming workshop will also seek out and train the next generation of NFT creators. Post-workshop, selected participants will work closely with ZMAX’s project managers on ground-breaking initiatives at the forefront of the NFTs and blockchain technology.

The NFT workshop is open to applicants who are:

  • Above 18 years of age
  • Not already affiliated with TRX Labs, ZMAX’s parent entity
  • Not already a full-time employee in another company.

All current holders of ZMAX NFT tokens will enjoy priority admission to the workshop. Applications close 18th May. To find out more about ZMAX’s current offerings, upcoming launches and new rewards, visit the website and be part of the conversation on Discord.

About TRX Labs
TRX Labs is led by co-founders Arthur Lin (Founder of Run For Your Lives (RFYL) – Zombie Run) and Takahiro Irie (Top 50 World Iconic Artist 2013), who are well-versed in blockchain technology, NFT creation, and in-real-life management of events. TRX Labs has its vision to be a platform which empowers creators to launch their own NFT projects, providing them with backend support to achieve long-term sustainability while aiming to be Asia’s leading NFT launchpad company. Besides the latest partnership with Heliconia Capital, TRX Labs also counts SpaceChain and Action X as their partners, with exciting future plans in the pipeline.

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