Next.e.GO Mobile releases its “e.GO Connect” App at the same time it celebrates the 1000th battery electric vehicle rolling off the production line in Germany

–  The app builds on e.GO’s tech-first IOP digital architecture.

–  The launch underscores company’s commitment to make zero-emission mobility smarter and more connected.

–  Release was contemporaneous to the successful production of the 1000th e.GO Life in Aachen micro-factory.

–  Activation of customer vehicles has started and will be done in batches.

AACHEN, Germany, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Next.e.GO Mobile SE, the independent German manufacturer of innovative and sustainable electric vehicles leveraging its disruptive micro-factory production, today announced the release of its much anticipated e.GO Connect app contemporaneous with celebrating production of the 1000th e.GO Life at Aachen micro-factory. e.GO Connect is now available to iOS as well as Android users and can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. The program has been commenced and vehicles will be connected to the e.GO platform gradually.

“e.GO_1000” for Times Square only: e.GO Mobile celebrates the 1000th e.GO Life rolling off the production line in Germany
“e.GO_1000” for Times Square only: e.GO Mobile celebrates the 1000th e.GO Life rolling off the production line in Germany

The launch of the e.GO’s digital app (e.GO Connect) underscores the company’s commitment to making urban mobility not only more sustainable, but also smarter and more connected. The app offers e.GO owners a range of additional convenience and value adding services, when using their e.GO Life. The first available features include real-time vehicle and battery status, trip planner, car finder, service contact as well as key metrics and statistics on driving behavior amongst others. The connectivity is the foundation to enable a range of future services such as predictive maintenance.

Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board, said: "We aspire to enable our customers to buy their e.GO vehicle as convenient as they buy their smartphone, charge it as effortless and use it as seamless as they use their smartphone. This unique and connected digital user experience defines our innovation and digital strategy".

e.GO becomes the first independent European BEV manufacturer to successfully reach the thousand cars production. The company is committed to contributing to zero-emission urban mobility as it further ramps up production in 2022 and beyond.




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