NEW, JISULIFE Launched Upgraded Bladeless Neck Fan for the Coming Summer

Incredible summer time starts with this portable rechargeable hands-free neck fan. JISULIFE Brand new portable air conditioner fan FA31 was upgraded with 4 techs.

LOS ANGELES, April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Summer is approaching, it’s time to go camping and enjoy the sunshine on the beach. For those looking for an efficient way to combat the hot flash,  there is a creative brand "JISULIFE" which focuses on portable fans for 6 years and gained a great group of customers globally.

JISULIFE, Pioneering Brand Focused on Innovating Portable Fans.
JISULIFE, Pioneering Brand Focused on Innovating Portable Fans.

Recently, JISULIFE team has announced the launch of Bladeless Neck Fan (2nd generation) — FA31 which is born of the 1st generation "FA12"– the top seller in Neck Fan on Amazon in the summer of 2020. To level up brand new cooling experience, they have enhanced FA31’s performance with 4 new techs and upgraded the design for more comfortable using experience.

The followings are what they have upgraded for the 2nd generation of this Bladeless Neck Fan.

All-new with upgraded freestyle cool experience.

Hands-free with Stronger Wind, More comfy, More Safe.

With the neck brace & hands-free adjustable design, patented with 4 new technologies, this Bladeless Neck fan was leveled up for providing a special and unique cooling experience.

JISULIFE Bladeless Neck Fan (2nd generation)
JISULIFE Bladeless Neck Fan (2nd generation)

Stronger Wind.

  • They upgraded the straight-through air duct design that air output could be boosted into 98% and wind speed can reach max 5.2m/s.
  • The Rechargeable lithium-ion 4500mAh Battery can supply a 16 hrs cooling time in one charge which only needs 3.5 hrs to get fully charged.

More comfy, More Safe.

  • Ergonomics design to fit demic neck.
  • 40° adjustable metal spindle for experience personalization.
  • More skin-friendly: Silicone neck brace & ABS material.
  • UL, FCC and RoHS safety certificates.

Patented with 4 vortex techs.

Sucks in the air, blows it back around neck.

  • Air Cyclone™— Dual side for more efficiently air-inhale.
  • Air Recycle™— Reduce loss of air transport.
  • Air Turbo™— Enlarged turbine for stronger wind.
  • Air Balance™— Consistent airflow for comfy.

As they said, JISULIFE is a solution provider pivoted on creative and sustainable gadgets for personal space. Actually, they especially took a lead on portable fans’ innovation and sales via e-commerce like Amazon, Shopee and Lazada globally. And it is always the No.1 brand in Neck Fan and ranked in Top 3 Best Seller on Amazon until now.

Users can enjoy a hands-free cooling time when they are shopping, cooking, even having parties with this coolest gadget in this summer. Place an order and get the time-limit discount today, please visit their official website:

Get to know more about JISULIFE on their Facebook or follow their Instagram @jisulife_official.


Established in 2016, JISULIFE is a solution provider pivoted on creative and sustainable gadgets for personal space. Aiming at improving air-circulation around every single consumer indoor-outdoor, they have created kinds of portable electronic products suiting every scene of daily.

"All we do are according to what you really need. Our team always has passion for creating more interesting gadgets for your personal space," they said. In the past 6 years, JISULIFE focused on technical innovation and design iteration for portable fans. And they already served over 10 million customers globally and distributed their business via cross-border e-commerce to more than 40 countries.


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