More4apps Gains Momentum in the US as Preferred Oracle ERP Cloud Vendor

Only six months after launching the ERP Cloud Toolbox, More4apps locks in several US-based enterprises with an end-user, automation-led approach.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Feb. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — More4apps, a longstanding Oracle Gold partner, is gaining popularity across the United States with its newly-released Oracle ERP Cloud offerings designed to help clients significantly improve data-related processes, particularly for their Finance and Projects departments. 

The ERP Cloud Toolbox consists of a familiar Excel spreadsheet interface that integrates directly with Oracle’s public Web Services to streamline data updating and loading. It verifies data in real -time and provides a consistent and user-friendly experience across all functions. 

"Oftentimes with Oracle ERP, data owns the company rather than the company owning the data," says Brian Grossweiler, VP, Sales & Commercial Operations at More4apps. "With our ERP Cloud Toolbox, our customers build better processes while clearing away major data bottlenecks." 

This is particularly true for several large US-based companies who are utilizing More4apps’ solutions in place of the inherited data loaders within Oracle ERP Cloud. By implementing an Excel-based solution, end-users could eliminate hassle-prone tools – like FBDI – remove IT involvement, and increase productivity levels across several departments.

Recent US Customer Wins and Use Cases:

  1. Problem: A US-based satellite and hybrid communications company was processing 2,000 purchase orders annually, with more than 250 open at any one time. Financial statement preparation was delayed due to the manual nature of updating purchase orders to account for quantities delivered and delivery dates.

    Solution: Now, the buyers can be self-sufficient and handle multiple line items at once while the sourcing team focuses on negotiating better deals for the company.

  2. Problem: A large engineering company struggled to maintain more than 30,000 projects per year – specifically with task end dates, deliverables, and key demographic information.

    Solution: The More4apps Projects Module allowed the company to make updates in mass, greatly improving operational efficiencies.

  3. Problem: A US digital banking company migrated from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle ERP Cloud, which called for major process improvements and end-user enablement.

    Solution: The Projects Module accelerated project data entry and ongoing maintenance, including the ability for end-users to update multiple lines and rows within Microsoft Excel and in large quantities. 

With More4apps, customers can download, edit, and upload large volumes of data in a fraction of the time it takes to use Oracle’s forms for the same tasks. Data loading and downloading are fast and uncomplicated, saving time and improving data and reporting accuracy.

"We created this suite of tools to empower procurement teams to get the most out of Oracle ERP,"  said John O’Keeffe, More4apps CEO and Founder." Functioning as an Excel spreadsheet, our tools make it easy for you to create and react to user procurement requests, as well as verify and upload data instantaneously into Oracle." 

About More4apps

Established in 2000, More4apps was formed by a group of Oracle consultants in Hamilton, New Zealand. As a specialist software provider for both end-users and developers, the core purpose of More4apps products is to allow Oracle e-Business Suite and Cloud ERP users to save time and money by using Excel as an interface for Oracle’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

More4apps, an Oracle-certified partner, currently serves more than 34,000 Oracle users in 400 companies worldwide. 

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