Moomoo Celebrates Financial Literacy Month with Investment-related Quiz and Prizes

Doubles prize pool with another 500 AAPL shares; bringing total to 1,000 shares

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Moomoo, the professional investing app offering zero-commission trading, launched an investment-related quiz with prizes to celebrate National Financial Literacy Month in April and promote public financial intelligence. Due to overwhelming user participation and enthusiasm for the event, moomoo is doubling the size of the prize pool by adding another 500 AAPL shares, bringing the total to 1,000 shares.

Users can test their financial literacy with 10 short questions, and if they answer all questions correctly, they may get one share of AAPL. To be eligible to receive one share of AAPL from the prize pool, a participant needs to: correctly answer all 10 investment-related questions in the quiz; deposit over $5,000; and maintain average daily assets of over $5,000 for 60 days.

Since the launch on April 1, moomoo users have actively participated in the event, which runs until the end of April. Nearly 10,000 users had taken the quiz as of April 11, and the number of participants is still increasing rapidly, meaning the original prize pool of 500 APPL shares intended for the first 500 eligible users will soon run out.

Participants have unlimited attempts to correctly answer all questions. For more information on the Prize Quiz event, refer to

Moomoo Celebrates Financial Literacy Month with Investment-related Quiz and Prizes
Moomoo Celebrates Financial Literacy Month with Investment-related Quiz and Prizes

Even if a question is not answered correctly, participants can further enrich their investing knowledge via moomoo courses, tutoring, tailor-made learning plans, and full-process investment education services.

In 2004, the United States designated April as the National Literacy Month. Every April, governments, communities, and other social organizations jointly hold various events to raise public awareness on the importance of financial literacy across the United States.

Since its inception, moomoo has aimed to accompany investors on their journeys of learning and growth, so that they can better cross the cycle of bear and bull markets and use the financial knowledge they have learned to continuously accumulate wealth, without being eliminated by the market due to short-term fluctuations.

"Only by continuously learning knowledge, fully acquiring information, and recognizing investment risks can users make more prudent investment decisions," said Keith Chan, CEO of moomoo. "Moomoo endeavors to further empower global investors to learn and grow by continually enriching our investment education system and improving the financial literacy of our users."

Accompanying Investors on Their Journeys of Learning and Growth

With the rapid development of financial technology, the threshold for investors to enter the market has been significantly reduced. Helping investors stay in the market for a long time has become a more important issue. Moomoo is committed to being a facilitator for investor education with the firm belief that "The best investment one can make is in oneself."

Moomoo provides many free investment courses to help global investors learn and grow. At the end of 2021, moomoo had presented more than 700 investor education videos and articles, covering stocks, options, funds, and other financial instruments. From operational guidelines to practical strategies, from investment ideas to trading methods, moomoo aims to help every investor have a better control of their own wealth.

Whether a technical investor profiting from fluctuations, a trend investor who captures market trends, a value investor who focuses on fundamentals, a novice with no investing experience, or an experienced trader, moomoo has the right course for every investor.

Moomoo also offers insights into important financial news and market trends, from macro-economic situations to individual events, from underlying stocks to options. Investors can thus better grasp market trends and constantly improve their investment knowledge system.

In addition to providing investment courses, moomoo’s investor education system also includes tutoring, tailor-made learning plans, and full-process investment education services to help users sharpen their investment sense, establish an investment system, and seize investment opportunities.

While learning financial knowledge, users can also use the paper trading function on moomoo to practice what they have learned, implement operation strategies, and try out investment systems, thus entering a positive cycle that integrates knowledge input and investment practice and truly enhancing their financial intelligence.

Empowering Investors with Comprehensive Functions and Features

Moomoo aims to help new investors learn and grow via a complete investment education system, so that they can become experienced investors, and ultimately "trade like a pro."

Apart from accompanying investors on their early-stage learning journeys, moomoo also provides a wealth of market data, financial news, social and analysis tools, and other functions. These together can meet the needs of all kinds of investors from beginners to veterans, and empower investors with a complete set of investment analysis tools. The ultimately goal is to allow every investor to have their own "private investment team" and truly invest like a professional investor.

The moomoo interface keeps up with the pace of the Internet era, making formerly complex functions user-friendly and easier to use. Functions such as financial news, an online community, live broadcasts, video tutorials, free level-2 market data, and analysis tools are integrated into one app, which reduces the investment threshold and provides investors with a complete set of investment analysis tools. Through learning and analysis, investors can acquire full information on listed companies and industries, and make their investment decisions better grounded.

About Moomoo Inc. 

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Moomoo Inc. is a company that offers a professional trading platform and access to commission-free trading through Futu Inc. With advanced research tools, free in-depth market data, and one of the most active online trading communities, the moomoo app empowers individual investors to trade like a pro. In the United States, moomoo’s securities services are offered by Futu Inc., a licensed broker dealer regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Futu Inc. is also a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Funds enrolled through the Futu Bank Sweep Program are also protected by the Federal Depository Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for up to $1M. For more information about moomoo, please visit the company’s official website


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